So, I heared there was a problem with lion-sized-ants up near the new town of MIrandia and wanted to help get rid of them. The group that decided to go take care of the problem was Zak, Nahil, Cade, Taishina, and me, Ogis. We getted the the stones so we could take the portal up there and leaved.

When we gots to Mirandia we was told that the problem was sort of self fixed. They was roasting the critters and looked like they had this controlled. We decided to go and get some obsidian from the mountain to help make the portals more stable. We walked for some time and finally got there. As we was working our way up the trail we seed some things flying around the mountain and they was getting closer.

Before we could even decide if they was friends or not someone throwed a spell and the fight was on. The bird things had riders and between getting grabbed by the birds and poked by the riders things were not going good. I was grabbed by one of the birds and it started flying away. Once the rider telled me he would not drop me the ride was sort of fun. When the rest catched up with me there was a big shiny dragon.

The dragon wanted to know what we was doing in the area and we esplained what we wanted. The dragon said it was really dangerous and he wanted to test us first. He said it would not be a fair test if we was tired so the test would start tomorrow. The next day we was taken to a cave and told to get three orbs, morning, noon, and evening.

We goed into the cave and it was really big with lots of different opening all over. We was quickly attacked by some ghostie things and some dogie things. We hitted them and moved in. There was this little man that was popping out of the dirt to throw rocks at us and the rocks hit really hard. Everyone was trying to smack the man when he popped up but I just went to look for the orbs.

I finded the first one on a neat little alter and picked it up. I goed over to help fight the bouncy man but everyone had moved on to a different part of the cave. I looked in the fire and seed the second orb. I is smart enough to not stick my hand in fire so I used one of the sticks to push the orb out of the fire. It was nice and cool so I picked it up too.

When I got to where the rest of the party was there was a really dark area they was trying to fight in. I was sure it was magic so I tried to make it go away. It was really tough though so I had to try a second time to get it to go away. That was when we seed the rock man and was able to smack it. When it broke the third orb falled out and we headed out of the cave.

When we got back to the dragon he telled us that we might be strong enough to actually get the obsidian without problem. He also said he was training warriors in the way of wisdom and balance. It sounded weird to me but the others were excited to learn this and something about getting others up here to train as monks.

Then they offered to take us back to Mirandia and they flyed us there. It was much funner the second time and we went home. Oh, while we was up on the mountain we was able to see lots of the area around and we maked maps to help others know what was there.