It's Tuesday!!


Party: Chase – Leader                 Rhoshar

Viran – Scout                     Torg

Sneks – Trailblazer             Tyil

Scorch                                  Rein

Heading to the Fissure - Day 1

The party decided to head south of White Moon Cove to do some investigating around the Fissure. The travel didn’t take long to reach the site of what we wanted to investigate. Once we arrived we walked around the surface a bit looking for a path to ascend into that would work best. We went down a small slope and came across some water that lead to a cavern, luckily the water wasn’t too deep and we walked across rather easily. Sneaks of course had to hop on one of our back to get across. It took some time to venture into the cavern before finding anything special. As we went further in it got very dark and had a very sticky moisture to it. As we got deeper it began to get twisty. we came across an alcove that we were going to attempt to camp in till we found two sets of legs in the area with the top half melted off, we decided it was unsafe to camp here so we tracked back a bit to make camp.

Creepy Crawlies in the Night - Day 1

Our first day was pretty uneventful, the fun cam at night…. The first watch was rather uneventful, the watchers noticed a skeleton with a pole down one of the tunnels off the side, this would be looked at later tomorrow. The fun came during third watch when we were ambushed by a countless amount of medium-sized spiders. We were able to slay all of them but the party did take some damage from them, luckily we would be able to rest the remaining of the night and recoup our wounds.

Crossing a Chasm Day -2

The next day we ventured deeper in the cave coming into an open chasm that has a narrow crossing to it. I tried to cast magic and some force shot the magic right back at me as we approached the area. With this we used caution getting ready to cross the opening. we decided to tie Sneak up with a rope and have him run across to see if it was safe. Just as he started to cross, he magically began to lift up in the air. After this some form of tongue began to talk out but we couldn’t understand for the most part. The party started to cross with tying everyone up to ropes to prevent from floating away. Tyil was the third to cross but some reason he did not float, thinking this was due to magic i soon followed and did not float as well. we began taking turns till all spell slingers crossed and tugged on the non-spell slingers with the rope till the fell and we caught them and dragged them up.  We were lucky to get everyone across when we did as the side we came from somehow got below freezing and the ground froze over as we got the last of the group across….. strange magic around here

Big Spidies! Day- 2

After crossing the huge chasm, we continued down the cave for some time…. We eventually cam to another smaller opening, this time it descended further. This time it opened up to a beautiful sight of crystals in the walls and along a pathway leading down. We attempted to touch the crystals, Chase touched it with her wooden pole, and it burned the tip. After seeing this we saw it was too dangerous and moved on, I was very tempted to touch it even though of the burning… but my curiosity stayed and moved with the group. as we went further down we saw another spider along the trail but we attempted to move on without harming it till we were ambushed by more spiders, this time there were huge spider monster that attacked with the smaller ones. Before we could do anything one of the larger ones grappled Rhosher and dragged him to the ledge as we were all surrounded by a swarm of small and large spiders. In the midst of the battle the spider dropped the poor soul down a deep cavern, seeing as the poor man was still alive it caught its prey one more time then dropped him into a deeper chasm, this time we heard many breaking of bones as the lifeless body laid at the bottom of the chasm. We eventually defeated the spiders with myself falling twice but my party aiding me in getting back up. The party was now definitely feeling these dark depths of the Void….

A mysterious shard Day - 2

As we finished up in the crystal chasm we found a set of stairs that led to a set of huge double doors with some strange writing on them that no one could understand. Once opening the doors it opened to a circular room with a strange purple orb floating in the middle. As we approached the orb took the form of a strange shard, this must have been what we were looking for! After looking into it I got a feeling that this shard was not fully on the plane of existence we were on, it somehow was phasing in between here and the material plane…. We as a group then came to the conclusion that rather than deciding for one of us to touch it and potentially going down we would all touch it at once! On the count of 3 we touched it and BAM!! Rein and Viran were flung across the room knocking against the wall falling unconscious, the other party members I believe stood there stunned and myself falling to the ground, not falling unconscious but rather feeling like something was absorbed into me….

Learning a new Tongue Day -2

As i began to stand up the other party members began to get the two that were fallen up and a strange deep voice started to talk out loud in a voice only i could hear…. as the voice talked to me i understood more about what happened. to me and my new purpose. The only thing now is after certian events that happened back in town i dont feel safe to write down for the public what was said as i no longer know who to trust rather than a select few of my closest friends…

Leaving this Cavern - Day 2

After the event that took place in the circular room, we decided it would be safest to head back to town. as we left through the crystal room some strange magic was happening as i walked by the crystals began glowing different as i walked by, as if their source of magic in them was leaving. as soon as this started to happen, the whole cavern started to collapse all around us. At this point we dashed our way out the the cavern and felt everything around us begin to collapse on itself. we eventually made it out to the outskirts safe. We made it to the edge of the road and began to set up camp as it was late. As soon as the first watch began, we heard a howling of gnolls off in the distance approaching. As none of us were in fighting order after the spider encounter in the cave and not having the opportunity to rest we made a mad dash to the town with many of us getting exhausted on the way back. After getting back many things have happened but that is a log for another time…