Return to the Silent Woods


Players: Rael, Vraela, Panzer, Krar, Lawrence, Tar,

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Argg, I journeyed back to the Silent Woods to learn more of its Secrets. The weather was good and our hope high as we set out from Ruined Oaks and we saw many large creature roaming the plains ranging from large spiked dinosaur to woolly rhinoceroses err is it, rhinoceri or maybe rhinocerotes. Anyways we decided it was best to pass them by and head straight to the forest.

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We also spotted some kind of bird carrying a large animal, not sure what is was.

As the sun begin to set on our first day of travel we set up camp on a high bluff overlooking the road. It was a good decision to take the high ground as we were attacked by a foul undead creature. I managed to hold it at the cliff side as the party bombarded it with their massive range attacks before ripping it into pieces.

Not to scale, close but not

The next morning we stratergized on how to best enter the woods and decided that an approach from the north had always ensured heavy resistance so we travel around to the eastern side. The first thing we encountered were what appeared to be roses growing around what appeared to be a tombstone. We looked at if from a distance but no one wanted to disturb it.

I found the situation slightly funny as we were presented with a slight communication barrier as I could speak to them, but not understand them and Vraela with her comprehend languages could understand them but not speak to them. We finally were able to convince them we were there to help and they took us to a large tree which open up to us. When we entered there was an large chamber, and waiting inside was a Minotaur named Hesta’ who suffered badly from the blight.

Hesta told us about how the Guardian was converting plants and others through the blight disease and I remember how Xenon almost lost his life to it. Hesta also told us that the Guardian was killing anything that opposed it and was using some kind of totem to move quickly through the woods. After getting some indication as to where we might find one of these totem we headed south after spending the night in the relative safety of the tree.

Puny Plants

After the battle at the well, we continued our journey south when the Silence of the Forest was shatter by the loud sound of what I thought to be a raven. We took cover in the vegetation and witnessed what appeared to be the Guardian, a large tree like creature. I recognized it as the one, or at least looked like the one, that had taken the body of Boo Dha on my first trip to these woods. The Guardian was surrounded by many Moss Dogs. at lest five to six of them and they were all traveling along a stream. We even saw the Guardian teleport using the trees and noticed how the direction of the water in the stream reversed itself and began to flow in the opposite direction it was going and now traveled in the direction of the Guardian.

The Guardian

After retreating from the Totem we headed back to Hesta’s home and reported our findings. Hesta seem very disappointed that we had not taken any actions against it but allowed us to spend one more night in the tree. The journey back to Ruined Oak was for the most part uneventful save for encountering a lone human with a very bad demeanor. The party informed me that the individual was very ugly in human standards and that they sensed various magical source about him.