The Room of Fire

We rreturrned to the brroiling cave today wherre Manek was killed. A group with Dwarrrves! Finally! Freyja and Bellamin werre grreat companions on the road. Hearrty and strong. We certainly ‘ave need more dwarrves in this place. We had Irrron Donkerr with us again, but sadly no humans for him to study. We ‘ad an Air Genasi named Frrelsi, an a silent n’ deadly newcomerr wit a verry keen eye, Kavorr.

Ourr group had little rresistance rreaching the basement of the rruined temple, and came upon the greratest site I ‘ave ever laid me eyes upon. A rroom of flaming magma! I did nae believe my eyes! Sadly, the magma was nae rreal. But the grreat spouts of flame were rreal, n’ the grreat fire beast that beset us was verry rreal! This seems clearly some long-defiled temple of the creators. We survived the dangers, and looted the ruins. I keep figurin’ how to crreate such a room. I’ll nae forrget it any day soon…

Kavor found what may be an important artifact secreted away. A creator’s guide to travel. So we were told. I intend to follow ‘im to Whitemoon Cove as he trries to ascerrtain the meaning of this book, and unlock it’s secrret powerrs.

Grimlock’s Adventurin’ Style – 8 Simple Suggestions

First, ave a plan for if we’r doing sometin specific, or just runnin’ around like a cormyr wench. Second, if’n we ave an objective, git to it! There always be another distraction on sleeper island. Tird, Dungeons and ruins full of deadly tings ave great treasure. Fourth, Treasure is a great objective. Let’s ave all the great treasure.  Fifth, Once we git to the dungeon, entrances should be scouted, and approached wit plenty of daylight. The group should enter together, fight together, and address dangers and blessings together, as best we can. As we come around a corner and see something, we might need a bard to talk to it, or a wizard to deal wit it, or a strong adventurer to move it.  Sixth, If’n we can move on quickly to the next fight, we should. If’n we need a short rest, we should. And then git to the next fight.  Seventh, We cannae leave the ruins or dungeons without proper time and patience to search the hidden places thoroughly. Or we always leave the best riches and treasures behind. Eight, If’n we manage to git ALL the great treasure too quickly, we can chase butterflies ta arr hearts content on arr way back ta the village.

Grimlock’s Adventurin’ Grade: 5/5

Treasure 1/1 (Grreat treasure, and we gave ourrselves enough time to search) Goodness 1/1 (We were verry good) Deaths 1/1 (No adventurers died) Organization 1/1 (We were organized sufficiently. The group did well.) Objective 1/1 (We completed ourr objective)