DM: Calmseeker, PCs Dexter, Hillval, Tenfolll’at, Cally, Rurik Luthgar, Oxalis, Ou-Kan)

There had been rumors that a shepherd nearby was missing a number of sheep. As I am not yet sure why I have been sent here, I decided to join a mixed party that wanted to offer their help to the druid.
After a few days of uneventful travel, we came close to – I belive – Yellowwood Inn where we met Xander, the aforementioned Druid. He explained to us that five of his sheep had gone missing – in the area behind the woods the inn was located next to. At least three of the sheep would be easy to identify, he said: their fleece had a distinctly golden sheen to it. After a good nights rest at the inn we decided not to walk around the fores forest but straight through it, braving the wild beasts supposedly hiding in there – and the strange effects they claimed the forest has on magic.
The first day of our two day journey through the forest passed uneventfully. In the night, our more keen-eyed companions noticed what appeared to be a small cave in a hillside nearby. There was a pile of stones that appeared to have been excavated from that cave. Finally, we noticed some kind of altar within spitting distance from the cave mouth, accompanied by a few columns.
The next morning, we first looked at the altar and determined it to be dedicated to Helm, the dwarven version of the deity. At the same time, some of us felt watched by someone in the cave. Dexter went in and talked to some kind of prospector who was surveying the cave and claimed it was an old dwarven mine that went into the hill far deeper than it seemed. As the missing sheep probably were not interested in precious ores, we decided to press on.
Later in the day, we found some tracks of sheep, unfortunately they had only left behind tufts of white fleece. Following a hunch, we decided to follow the tracks anyway. These tracks led us to another cave, this one closed up with a large boulder, into which those ruminants’ tracks led.
When we checked out the cave, we found in the cave one cyclops, who at the time was being harassed by a pixie. Carrie put a quick end to the harassment, but unfortunately not before the cyclops decided we were responsible for it and attacked us. After a somewhat hard-fought fight, we managed to overcome the monocular giant.
Strangely enough, though there tracks had led into the cave, we did not see any sheep in there. The reason for this turned out to be a small passage, too small for the cyclops. We followed the way and came into a room in which there was a “test” set up – though all we had to do was simply wait and dodge some ballista bolts fired at us. The rest of the group suspected this to have been set up by some guy called Cubert. This was confirmed when we found a note he had dropped that referred to an aberration that he had experimented on.
In the next room, we did really meet this who called himself the “cubic mage” – and the aforementioned aberration. It proved to be some kind of altered gelatinous cube, bright blue, floating 10 feet in the air and able to open eyes that would then shoot rays at us that had weird effects, for example confusing the person hit into attacking someone next to himherit or doing damage to the target of the ray, or…
After yet another hard-fought fight, in which again some of us went down, though only temporarily, we managed to not only down Cubert, but we finally stood above his lifeless body. We believe that this cubic mage therefore does not pose a threat anymore – though of course any traps or tests that he prepared beforehand might still be waiting for unwary victims.
It seems that Cubert had abducted the sheep in order to lure adventurers into his test. At least, the sheep we were looking for were hidden here. So we were able to return them to Xander and then returned home.