Pyramid of mystery


Players: Abu, Varon, Vraela, Silthon, Panzer, Tar

Headed out of White Moon Cove to investigate a strange Pyramid to the west of Ruined Oak. The portal trip was quite rough on the new folk we had with us, fortunately we had plenty of healing on hand to recover them quickly. So after spending the night to recover we trekked the western road and saw a strange lighthouse and a small castle or fort near its base. I had wanted to investigate it in the future but on our return trip back we noticed it was no longer there and what remained looked like a crater. The crater had obviously filled in with water from the lake covering whatever may be left.

During our first night of camp about a day walking distance from Ruined Oak we discovers a strange shack seemingly impaled on top of a tree. I do not know if it was be design or the result of magic.

Shack in a tree

During the night while we camped in the shadow of the shack our campfire caved inward as a large hole appeared beneath it. There was a symbol of Lathander that Silthon noticed on a stone near the edge of the hole. Abu used Abutu to investigate it and discovered a strange locked scroll case located in the cave below. we also discovered that the water in the cave at the bottom of the hole held magical water which after Panzer imbibed it made the whole groups thoughts run together. This was very strange indeed as I now try to block some of the mental images I saw. Sometimes a person thought need to stay to themselves. When the morning came the hole seal back up and we departed onward.

We soon reach the Pyramid by around noon. It was a Jet black with columns at each corner and flatten near the top. One side had a very large hole in it.

was very scary

Upon investigation we spotted a large Ogre like creature wearing what appeared to be glass armor and wearing a strange mask. I threw a rock at it and it turn out that it was some kind of undead creature. It attacked us but the party quickly dispatched it back to the underworld

We enter the Pyramid and found an empty sarcophagus and a strange alter with two triangles each with a hand shaped depression in the middle of them. Investigating the sarcophagus the party found a necklace and after Panzer touched it, felt a compulsion to put his hands in the depression on the alter. His face became devoid of all expression and he appeared to be in some sort of trance and after about twenty minutes he regained his composure and reported seeing a vision. He said he was borne upon wings and traveled to the west over the mountains then south to southwest. In his flight he recalled seeing an ocean and a frozen land where two individuals one more robust than Abu, and the other a beautiful one with patches of their hair missing leading a host of shambling creatures. We were unsure where their destination laid but was glad they were not here. The sarcophagus also held other wonders as two gems embedded in the interior acted as some sort of remote scrying which revealed a chamber deeper in the Pyramid which contained more of the undead.

While we investigated I noticed that Silthon was busy making sketches of everything we discover, and of us, and just about anything he saw.

Feeling confident that the most dangerous of the Pyramids denizens had departed we investigated future into the darkness of the corridor that lead off from the sarcophagus room. Panzer took lead and soon discovered spikes at the bottom of a deep pit. We recovered him with rope on hand and I tended to his wounds as we charted safe passage around the triggering mechanisms. We then came a two more undead and dispatch them quickly before opening a door that required activating two levers about ten feet apart. What happen next I really do not think I fully comprehended but Panzer was able to somehow control the undead in the room. Whether this was the effect of the necklace, or from the vision, or some other effect if not a combination I could not tell. After investigating the room we made sure to close the door behind us least the undead creature escaped and cause any havoc.

We then proceeded to leave the Pyramid and traverse it perimeter find an archway on the northern side which contain two more of the undead which again were quickly put down as Abu launch a shattering spell while Varona held them at bay. Happy with our success so far we made for Ruined Oak. During our next camp Varela was able to unlock the scroll case and found both a scroll and a magical vial inside.

Hopefully more capable adventures can investigate our finding and deal with the Horde that Panzer saw, for I fear nothing good will from them or what threat they pose to the Island.