Gathered at the Inn

DM: Tam


  1. Inti | Clr 2
  2. Till | Cleric 1/Sorcerer 3
  3. Asterisk | Ftr 4
  4. Tramenor | Clr 4 –Trailblazer
  5. IronAle | Barb 4 – Scout
  6. Abel | Paladin 4 – Leader

Mission: Following the footsteps in the Silent Forest 

Bald Troll

We took the portal to Ruined Oak since we wanted to explore the western part of the Silent Forest. From the portal we took the newly constructed road to the northern part of the forest. We rested on the road before entering. On Abel’s watch Cain his owl found a creature coming towards us. We dropped this being with some ease and Tramenor put his manacles on it since its wounds were magically healing. We tried to discuss its options, but it wanted nothing to do with us. I used a firebolt and its wounds seemed to not heal. Once it was fallen again we burned its body. 

Neverland Treehouse

We entered the woods and found the remains of a camp and some footprints heading southwest. We followed them and found a treehouse. Door on the bottom of the trunk with a hammock and platform about thrity or so feet up. We entered the house and it looked likea playroom with childrens toys and games scattered around the room as well as an empty cage. Inti went up a ladder and we found the residents. A short red haired drow, a flying fey creature and two of the red haired drow’s friends.

The drow fired at Inti after Tink, the winged fey creature warned him. We all rushed up the stairs after hearing this. The drow called for his two friends. Curly and Slightly. They summoned darkness and Tink dispelled Tramenor’s spike growth. Tink was then splattered on the wall by his spiritual weapon. The creatures danced inside their darkness but we slowly overcame them. Even though they were quite formidable. 

The Way Home

We made our way quickly back to Ruined Oak. It took one nights rest and a strong push on the second to make it back. Nothing really bothered us on the road as we traveled. We took a rest at Ruined Oak grabbed the stones and hopped back to White Moon Cove. We believe we found and took care of the source of what previously kidnapped the children.