Allow me to tell a tale, one of mystery, intrigue, and dying ravens.
No Sh*t there I was minding my own business, earning some coin when I was approached by the Mayor and told my services were required outside the wall.
I then gathered a party of adventurers consisting of Vilios, a MIGHTY half orc who loves to fight,
Khora, another beautiful Merfolk who always has the right magic item for the occasion, Valerian, the Mountain dwarf sailor… (explain that one to me), Nakkris, the elven wizard with his companion Avaracse, and of course myself. We were a force to be reckoned with to be sure.
We decided to go for a lovely stroll along the coast,and soon set up camp, where we encountered the most lovely Rhinos, massive in size and able to push down a tree with a single nudge, but calm and even friendly enough to eat out of Nalkris’ hand as he fed the youngling some berries.
The next morning we set out again, when an abandoned temple was spotted in the distance Avarace was sent to scout it out, (No this isn’t where he dies) and he comes back and apparently Nal can talk to him because he suddenly knew about the layout and the temple being rundown and could describe in great detail the symbol that was on the doors to the temple.
We decided that we should check this out and much to our chagrin,when we entered there were all manner of seafolk that I had never seen before, even after living in the ocean as long as I have, but they looked a lot like Sauhuagin. There wer 4 giant ones and over 2 score little ones, and we fought, VALIANTLY we fought. Vilios taking the front he felled many with his mighty axe but we were soon overrun, and had to regroup. someone dropped some fog in the line of sight and we were able to pick off a few more, when they turned tail and ran from our indomitable team.
We then counted up out expended resources and we decided it was time to head back. on our way back we were ambushed by gnolls who shot Avarice out of the air with blowguns. There were 18 of the hairy stinking gnolls, 3 for each of us, but after the sea creatures these were no match and we quickly dispatched them. We then took an hour to dig a grave for Avarice and HE CAME BACK TO LIFE. It was a miracle.
The rest of the trip was uneventful as we came back and I had to write this Epic of our adventure.