Katashawshank Redemption
◇ PC’s: Gronk, Peppington, Ragna, Haru, Orson, Artix
◇ DM: Justen

Hey everyone, Artix von Krieger is back again. I guess its been far too long since I’ve gone on an adventure because the whole system of writing logs seems to have changed. Where once we had green paper, now we have blue. Also a better filing system. Truly a magical thing.

Oh, right, you probably want to know what I got up to. Well, I wonder if you remember that fiend hunter log I wrote a while back. Its okay if you don’t, that was a few months ago. Maybe I should rewrite all of my old logs over to the new blue paper….. but that means less time for sandwiches (Sorry DGM, I’m incredibly lazy). It’s still a shock to me that I’d been so busy around town that I hadn’t really left it since the end of the previous year. I mean, I guess I visited Szordian with Isaac, but it was mostly for a quick chat before heading back home.

OKAY, back to the matter at hand. The reason I brought up whether or not anyone reading this remembers the fiend hunter log is because this adventure took us to a place connected to Infierna. Specifically, Aesar, enemy of Geraldine, ancient researcher of magic and creatures, friend of wolf giants, guy Isaac really wants to meet. Standard this and that kinda thing. Basically, we went to his tomb-prison-thing which turned out to be an arena where dimensions layered over each other.

This weird little guy named Norman said we could access Aesar’s stuff below if we first proved ourselves in the arena to impress all of his guests. There were all manner of creature sent against us; weasels, spiders, and hairless cats in round 1. Angels, mist, and a Djinni in round 2, and a gigantic death machine in round 3 that would have killed me were it not for the herb Sweetvine keeping me energized and in the fight. Foe after foe after foe after foe we managed to vanquish each of the creatures and claimed a mighty prize from the last creature:


Also a chest filled with gold and jewels. We’d have gone below the arena to see what else was around in the actual tomb area but the fight took so much out of us that it was more prudent to return home. I’m not sure if I’ll get to go on the expedition below the arena, so for those that do please heed my warning:

Norman Is Working With Geraldine

OOC: Oh, and if you wanna see the lyrical changes to Sweeney Todd’s “Friends” TOO BAD…. just kidding.

This is my friend
See how he glistens
See this one shine
How he smiles
In the light
My friend!
My faithful friend!

Speak to me, friend
Whisper, I’ll listen
I know, I know
You’ve been lost
Out of sight
All this year!
Like me, my friend!
Well, I’ve left home
To find you waiting
And we’re together
And we’ll do wonders
Won’t we?

You there, my friend
Come, let me hold you
Now, with a sigh
You grow cold in my hand
My friend!
My clever friend!


Rest now, my friend
Soon I’ll unleash you
Soon you’ll know splendors
You never have dreamed
All your days,
My lucky friend!
Till now your power
Was merely frozen!
You shall smite evil
You’ll soon smite awful

At last, Leviathan Axe is unchained!