Welcome to the Front lines

Today you’re going to learn about your long time enemies and newly trained combatants: Gnoll Company. These adversaries have proven to show bravery, cunning and even an organised mobility that will prove to be their deadliest asset. We are here to teach you and provide coverage on how to tackle these forces if you find yourself in danger. 


(Archer) Gnoll

With these Gnolls travelling in packs of tens and equipped with longbows, these Gnolls participate in battles in optimal ranges.With a shoot of over 100 feet, they could easily prove deadly to people caught out in the open. 

(Brawler) Gnolls

Sporting ten sets of custom flails, these Gnolls are bred and trained for melee combat. Though they are lightly protected, their offensive capabilities are even more deadly as a group. Safe to say, don’t get hit. 


(Kobold) Infantry

Along side the Brawlers are the shorter and less intimidating Kobolds. These smaller forms appear to be just as ferocious as their dragonkin when packed in larger numbers. They do not appear to have the same mobility of the Gnolls so use that to your advantage. 

(Kobold) Caster

A rare group of Kobolds that have attained arcane enlightenment. Instead of spears in hand these smaller packs use magicks to take out groups from afar. Fireballs and Lightning Bolts should be expected if you come across this group but don’t except to survive five at once.


Talos (Dwarf) Casters

Proven time and time again, Talos Dwarves are ruthless and cunning in their plans and control of the battlefield. Experienced spellcasters should take caution to try and subdue these foes quickly. They hold a far larger repitore of spells which could prove deadly for a disorganized group.

Don't Fight Alone. Don't Fight Unprepared.

Today is a testament to what a few adventurers can do against a horde of adversaries. With an organized mentality and strategic manuevers, even 200 foes can be fought against with only 5 people.

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