DM: Geokhan
Players: Tenfoll’at ,Cober , Caslech, Gaz, Snails, Bradwick

I am writing these notes in case something happens to me, so you’ll know who I interacted with.

I was minding my own business as usual, when I saw a couple of familiar faces talk to total strangers. I approached them to see what they were up to and found out that some old lady named Matilda wanted to go see some Flormiops. Knowing Cober and Cas, I couldn’t leave them unattended with so many newcomers, but the strangers did seem like nice people. That Bradwick guy seemed like one of those righteous people, Gaz did mind his own business for the most part and Snails was….hmmmm… related to everyone? He was calling everybody and anybody “cousin” right and left, he might have some contacts on this island.


And so we started our journey to escort Matilda to the flying whales. I swear I did not drink any alcoholic beverage that day, but for some reason it appeared we crossed 2 bridges in a row; Cober was skeptical that our trailblazer might have been distracted, but who really knows what happens on this island. Thanks to our little detour we met Garden of Roses who was preparing some red ferns for us that might help when we meet the Shadow Queen. Last time I saw him, he was in a pickle; I really hope he stays out of trouble, he seems to be a nice tabaxi. After a long day of traveling, we set up our sleeping arrangement and Gaz prepared an average dinner for us, but eh the half-orc wasn’t given much to work with. Thank goodness I have some tricks up my sleeve that made my portion look more appetizing.


Gaz woke me up for my shift and he seemed quite troubled. It seemed like he saw a ghost during his shift: he whispered to me that he saw Caslech use Nag’ini’s ashes as seasoning during supper. I am not sure how I feel about that, it is creepy if he ate it on purpose, but maybe he had his seasonings mixed up and use the wrong one? It was Coco and I keeping watch this time and I heard a loud noise as if someone was stomping. Knowing that creatures can’t see us in the hut I sat as still and as quietly as I could. Looking through Coco’s pretty eyes, it appeared that it was a giant. I woke Cober up and asked him about this Nag’ini, Gaz told me about and he minor illusioned a picture of a female Yuan-Ti. Knowing what Cas ate, I went to bed hoping I don’t get turned into ashes.


Everyone was awake by dawn and after telling everyone about the giant, we saw some footprints and followed them. However, the footprints stopped out of nowhere, as if they disappeared. It seemed like they scared some merchants on the way as there was a wagon filled with turnips that Gaz was chomping on whilst we were investigating the scene. Since we were limited on time and didn’t want to keep our guest waiting, we kept moving towards the diamond mine. We approached a river and we saw the water bubbling from a distance; being cautious, Cober sent Anhinga to check what might be in the water and we saw a flying monster engulf the poor owl! It seemed that the owl wasn’t enough and they started approaching us. Coincidence? I think not! Something is definitely out to get me. Those flying creatures devoured Cas and Snails at some point and oh my, I don’t think I will go into the details about how they looked, but it was gross. Our resident paladin travelling with us did deal quite some amount of damage, he was on a killing spree, I hope he is always on my side and not the opposite else I am donzo. Cober did incapacitate a couple of them using his magical knowledge and we tried really hard to tame one of them but nasty flying creatures they are, it didn’t let us tame it.


On our way back, I minor illusioned a pile of ashes next to Cas and guess what? That did NOT phase him. I will keep a very close eye on him, something is fishy or people are just….different? At some point, we came across some old ruins with some words written on it. None of us could read it, but Cober spent a few minutes with it and told us the words are translated as Dawn Stone. Now he could be telling us the truth or just making up stuff to seem cool. Like why would you write stone on a ruin? Hmmm this dangerous place is filled with interesting people for sure.
I will sign off here with hopes I don’t get killed by a random thing on the island, dangerous as it is He hasn’t seemed to find me yet. I just want a place to stay, far from my past.