Was told there was some chocolate eggs that had been stoleded and we needed get them back. We start following path eggs were going, I think store man was carrying them. After first day hunter guy got nice big piggy so we make fire to cook an’ eat piggy. When I get up for looking at night I see big tree I not think was there when we go sleep. I take stick from fire so I can go see tree better.

Is scarry deadish tree that I know I would have remembered before sleep time. I put stick in ground and go closer to tree. Is tree with droopy leaf-branch thingies but most are rotting or dead. Big part of tree has lots of tree-skin missing and looks very sick. I ask Kelemvor to make better or hurry it dying, it not look happy. Kelemvor not answer so I leave it alone.

Still a little worried how tree get there I wake up Panzer, who is looking time next, and ask about tree. Him say is only tree amd goes back to sleep. I keep an eye on tree and I think it be getting closer but not moving fast so I not worry. Much. Next morning tree is next to camp so we move away and has breakfast on rest of piggy. As we walk away someone makes purtty light flash on tree some. When nothing happen we just keep going.

After another boring day of walking we lay down to sleep. We are out of pig so not need make fire. When I get up for looking time first thing I do is look for strange tree. Yep, there it is and now me really worried. I keep special look on tree and after some time I know it is closer. I decide maybe tree dangerous and we need to make it fire wood; I wake everyone up. This time when purtty light hit tree it screams and we all know tree is not normal tree.

As we fight tree it start moving very fast. I not want it to get close to everyone so I go up to fight tree with mace. Tree is really dodgy so I not hit it, but it sure hit me. First time only reason I not get knocked out is I am tough orc. I decide I just make it hard to hit me and let everyone else throw stuff at it. Second time it hit me I suddenly on ground looking at stars. As stars fade I hear Kelemvor tell me I need to stay, there is more stuff he want me do.

When I wake up I feel ok and see some chocolates on the ground. I eats one and decide I REALLY like chocolate. After everyone else has one we look at tree and see rabbit’s hole. As we look down hole it get bigger and can all go in, so we do. Inside is big cave place so we go look around. We find some rabbits with deer horns that are really sick, maybe even not-deads. Kelemvor not like not-deads so we make them all-dead.

Next we find really big bunnies with goat horns an lots of big, sharp teeth. We kill a couple of them whe another big bunny shows up. This one is only size of puppy dog, not horse like other big bunnies, but has no fur, just lots of teeth and also horns. Theses were some really horny bunnies.

As we fight with no-fur bunny it breath fire and knocks down some of our guys. Kelemvor says not time for them to leave either so I make them stand back up. Bunnies then all hop further back in cave and we decide it maybe time for us to rest some. When we go look for rest of bunnies we find several small, sick bunnies, two horse bunnies, and the doggie bunny.

We try to trap them so we only have to fight one or two at a time but they all hit really hard so we cannot hold them back. Even with that we were able to kill them all and only one of us ended up going to sleep. We looked around the cave and found some gold, really purtty rocks, and the missing chocolates. The rest of the group would not let me have any.

Suddenly a nice white rabbit, dressed in clothes, appeared. It was holding a time thingy and said we were late. Next thing we are in town where we are supposed to deliver the chocolate! The nice shop man said we can each keep one. I will save mine for later. We also sold the purtty rocks and split all the gold.

Now Ogis is going to look for some nice, normal bunnies to snuggle.