Scritch has never been apart of something so crazy in his whole 7 years of life! We heard the Bloodeye Clan was going to be under attack following the Gnoll’s attempt to gain control of the major crossroads to the north. We couldn’t upset Uncle Katashaka and let them fall to those meany pants stink breathed dogs! So a bunch of us headed out to defend them, and Scirtch was so happy tp see how many wanted to help out! Scritch even asked a pretty elf girl to marry him, because Miss Don suggested it, but it didn’t work out. 🙁

We arrived at the camp, and the Bloodeye Hobgoblins were happy to see us for our help! We talked battle pans with them for a while; a few even set up ball bearings and traps along the entrance. We all bedded down for the night, as we were told the Gnolls were going to attack at sunrise from the northeast. However, after almost a full night of sleep, the sneaky ones actually ran around the back and attacked from the northwest! The alarm was raised before the attack which was lucky, and we quickly went to work. They had large gritty looking Gnolls, large packs of smaller ones, creepy tenticled spell-casters who were teleporting in other big Gnolls, and weird big monster types. Ooh ooh, Scritch also remembers they had these big poles they shot into the camp, and where they went, magic stopped working. It was very troubling for a few of the members. Also they had these birds, that others told Scritch they were able to see through them, and thats how they were firing shots at us from so far away so accurately! If you see them, get rid of them.

The Gnolls were able to make thier way up and over the 20 ft walls the Bloodeye had around the cam too! It was really scary. We all quickly set to work beating them back. Scritch used up an entire pack of bolts even! Good thing Scritch brought many extras. They also tried to take down the walls with a catapult, and even had a baltista on the other side attacking us. It was quite rude. Even ruder still, it was very apparent that they wanted to kill off the hobgoblins more than they wanted us dead. Not sure why, as the Bloodeye clan wasn’t even that strong, and they were going after the poor civilians… It was so greusome. But Scritch knows, like the mighty Kobolds that they must be happy to die for the clan, right? Just like Scritch would for his old, and his new clan.

Finally, it seemed as though maybe they were planning to send in a second wave, however the first wave was beaten back so amazingly, maybe they decided not to? Instead they retreated. maybe it would be best to lure more in to kill? Scritch doesn’t know. But Scritch does know one thing….

We can and will win this war. And the dirty dumb Gnolls will regret messing with Uncle Katashaka!