DM: Geokhan
PCs: Naal (Yours truly), Eddings, Chemist, Joule, Zak, Oogway

So, mission was to clear out a Blood Cult temple troublesomely close by WMC, barely around the bend of the Neathy Woods. We had reports of cultist activity there, leaving the gruesome tortured bodies of their victims all over the woods, and blood giant activity and ambushes on the region. So we made our way towards the Black Footpad inn (the one south of the Neathy Woods), got some directions and proceeded north to where our target was. We got lost twice in the woods before we reached the stone carved temple – Thanks Oogway.

Right after we opened the door we were met with bloody barricades, invisible cultists wielding daggers at our throats and traps that shot dozens of arrows into Dan – not enough to make a dent on him. I don’t know how he can put up with that kind of punishment without so much as wearing armor.

What followed was around five minutes of utter carnage as we proceeded to unequivocally slaughter the opposition consisting of more cultists, their leaders (save one who managed to run), at least a dozen blood giants, twice that many Hell Hounds, and what was addressed to as a “Void Champion” a hulking humanoid of large size with an aura preventing healing and who could break boulders with his hammer.

Oh, at one point Eddings was turned into a gargantuan dinosaur by Chemist. Was fun.

The place was massive and labyrinthine. Thought the use of several movement boosting magics plus Oogway’s natural brisk pace, Joule and myself managed to provide efficient front lines. Dan also was good at flanking folk from the goddamned ceiling. Because there were some tall folk around.

We managed to disrupt summoning circles, watched Zak stick his head in what appears to be a killing sphincter which churned people to death, and destroy the blood wheels used to generate the blood giants.