Game date: 21.09.2019

DM: Geokhan

Players: Tom Striker, Nalkris, Silver, Sunny and Adal

I have only been in White Moon Cove a few days, after hanging around the Axe and Thistle tavern a few days gathering information about the local area I was approached by a Elf who introduced himself as Nalkris, who offered me work as a tracker on a mission to gather more information about some mysterious entity known as Tsaran.

Not having any other obligation, with boredom picking I was more then happy to accept the offer.

I was introduced to the rest of the party, Silver, Sunny and Adal and we headed out.

On the way out of town we ran into i friar from Waterdeep, who informed us about druid activities to the east and relayed rumours about something going on to the North, rumours about a camp or stronghold of evil men.

After travelling a day, the winds picks up and a clear small of smoke and ash is on the wind.

We came across a massive still smoking crevasse, which seems to have come by no natural means, gauging the size we estimated that the crevasse was about 20ft x 100ft and about 60ft deep, there was a path of carved steps leading downwards.

We assessed the area around the sire and identified a few footsteps leading downwards in to crevasse, we decided to investigate further and followed the steps down.

When we reached the bottom of the steps we found a stonework entrance to a cave, with a clear smell of vinegar, according to Nalkris his familiar smelled humans.

We went inside, the cave was dark and offered no sources of natural light, luckily a few of my party member could provide light sources which enabled me to operate my bow freely.

Most of the entrance level was empty, we found an empty animal pen but towards the back of the level we found the source of the smell, a dead body laying near a arcane circle. The body had stab wounds in the back and appeared to have been running away from the circle.

After checking the body it appeared that the wounds were made by a dagger or a short sword, there was no blood around the body indicating that the fatal blow was delivered elsewhere.

Being unable to find any other way further into the cave we decided to try via the circle to see if it would take us further in the cave.

We arrived on the other side, in a lid room, lid by 4 sconces, a big door to the east seems to be the only way in or out of the room, blood trails leading from the door to the circle most likely belonging to the corpse we encountered earlier, the walls was covered in a massive mural showing a massive army matching on a stronghold, a mysterious figure is shown on the mural laying waste to the army, and then raising them as undead servants.

After studying the mural I checked the door for traps and found none, we proceeded though, once though the door a band of 10 undead skeletons staggered towards us!

Our party member Abel fell but luckily I have picked up the trick of conjuring good berries and managed to bring Abel back, we salvages 200 copper pieces and retreated back to the portal room to rest and recover.

After returning to the room we went to the northern doorway and located a unlocked chest containing 2 bottles of red liquid, Silver managed to identify the liquid as standard healing potions.

We proceeded further north green vines seems to be springing from the walls the are big crack in the floor, Silver found a polished human skull, as soon as he removed the skull all hell broke loose, 8 weird green globs containing bones oozed out of the floor and a figure without a head came crawling out.

A levitation spell incapacitated the headless guy for a while, while we started fighting the rest, a rough battle ensued, where I went down briefly and Abel went down several times, thanks to a combination of health potions and good berries pulled us though.

After the levitation spells dropped I managed to land the killing blow to the headless enemy, a well aimed arrow right though the heart, or at least where I guessed the heart would be.

Looting the body we found an unidentified scroll, everyone being heavily wounded he decided to hunker down in the portal room and settle in for a long rest.

Nothing happened during our rest, well nothing bad anyway we did manage to find a hidden stack of gems, we went back in the cave system but after Nalkris triggered a crossbow trap, we decided it would serve us better to retreat to town to regroup and relay all the information to the tavern.

In the way back to town we came across a bugbear stuck under a fallen tree, my first instinct was to put him out of his misery, never met a bugbear worth talking to, but I guess around here bugbear are different then back home, the rest of the party decided to help him free from the tree, I hung back keeping my bow at the ready.

The bugbear seems surprisingly civilised, and offer us a citrine gem as a thank you, the party offers him to tag along back to town.

Nilkris told us about a rumour of a magic tavern in the house of a massive snail, we took a small detour to see if we would come across it, but we didn’t find anything.

While looking for the snail we came across a massive tree stump with a wicker basket filled with mushrooms standing on top of it.. I checked the mushrooms and they were regular bella donna mushrooms, I tried to take the basket, but the rest of the party didn’t think it would be fair.

Silver investigated the tree stump and found a hatch leading into the ground, looking inside it revealed a small homestead a lovely smell of recently cooked food hung in the air.

We brought the basket into the homestead and left a note.

We went back into town, identified the scroll as the magic weapon spell, sold or loot and split the finding.

All in all not a bad haul, and if this job was any indication, I might just end up fitting in here.