Joule is sitting at the bar speaking with one of the bartenders at the Axe and Thistle.

“I need to put out a BOLO on someone.  It means ‘Be on the Lookout’. I do not know who this woman is, but she is awesome…even though she might be evil.”

Joule downs her tankard and gestures for another.

“So listen to this latest bit of craziness.  I meet with a band of adventurers and we decide the knolls near the JubJub mountains need to be tended to and as we’re leaving its freezing.  We barely make it out of the inn before a massive thunderstorm hits us and we are forced to take shelter.  We find what looks like a large cave and enter it to hide from the storm.  This cave is no ordinary mountain cave, there are statues, a large pool of water, and an altar.  As we are checking this place out something flashes out of the corner of my eye and runs through a door before closing it.  I turn to my good friend Oogway who would never steer me wrong or give me bad advice and ask him what he thinks.  He encourages me to not let my dreams be dreams and that seems like a wise choice to me, so I open the door and WHAM!” Joule slams her hand on the bar top.

“I get bit by this horned reptilian creature and it hits me with its tail.  This naturally makes me a little upset.  We quickly dispatch the one in front and I hear a scuffle take place behind me.  Once all foes had been defeated, we continue on… dealing with a few more of those reptiles before we get to some weirder foes.”

Joule sips her drink.

“We come across some glowing individuals that look like apparitions almost.  I try and engage them in friendly conversation, but they were not having it, and this naturally makes me a little angry.”

Joule mutters under her breath about people being rude.

“It took some back and forth and they were literally coming out of the walls, but we eventually defeat them as well.  We continue our explorations and find ourselves opening a door, and on the other side was… well… have you ever had bar-b-q?  You know the things you use to cook it, the grill with the domed lid?  No? Must be a mainland thing. Well, they looked like that.  There were a number of those creatures and a YUGE lady.  She was very big, quite possibly a giant, with flaming hair and flaming eyes.”

Joule catches the bartender looking at her own hair and eyes.

“Look, I don’t know if she is a relation of mine…I don’t know any of my family.  I was raised by monks. But this is why I want to find her, maybe she’s an Aunt or something! It’s unlikely…and she’s probably not a good person, she threw a boulder at us.  But it could be.  Anyway, she yells something at us, but no one understood it and disappears somehow.  We defeat the BBQ bots, get the heck out of dodge, and make our way back to the JubJubs.  Anyway, if you hear any information about this woman, let me know. Thanks.”

Joule downs her tankard and wanders out.