DM: Neal
Adventurer’s: Sir Bradwick Chestshire, Gaz Matazz, Daffodil, COber Sneks, Torkiv Warkov, Jayce

My first outing on this blasted god forsaken island that has taken so many lives. It was definitely the most interesting that I have encountered so far. I met Cober who would be our scout by using the eyes of his familiar. I would find our route to through the wilderness. Daffodil asked everyone if they were willing to donate their bodies for her strange experiments. She would later hunt for food on her own. strange gnome but she means well. Torkiv a warroir whose blade was ready to be used. Jayce a well educated… I actually do not know what they were. There was mostly green and tall party members. And then Gaz would lead us for this expodition. We chose to search for a Temple. We heard it was through the portal. Not many of us had been through it before, I included. We took from the Academy the portal stones FOT and ISP. We then went to the portal.
Plenty of us had our first experience with the portal. Two of us even passed out. I was quickly able to pick them up with a bit of hand magic. We met momo, then he told us about the surrounding area. The local roaming barbarians. We stayed the night.
Next day we left portal arena looking area. We traveled across a bridge, and stayed along the coast. The conversation took a change when the idea of meeting a mermaid came to topic. Cobeks spotted a humanoid close to the water. This in itself excited talk among the party of possibly meeting a mermaid. Excited we scurried on over quickly. It wasn’t a mermaid, I haven’t seen one before. I am certain that this was not one. Still a debate as to whether the top or bottom half is fish.
Night came we made camp it was into the second watch my party member heard sounds of metal clanging together. With much concern I quickly donned my armor Gaz helped expedite the process for me. The sound grew closer and closer.I hopped on the back of Prin Road closer. The closer I got the easier I could make out a humanoid figure wit chains coming from it’s body. A grim sight indeed. I pulled out a scroll I had bought in town day prior to leaving. I held the scroll out in shield hand, waved unfamiliar gestures while speaking exotic words to cast Banishment. The sound of a thousands trees waving in a storm showered us with sound as it crescendo into a pop. I asked the party to ready Their weapons for if it returned. It did not.
That was most interesting thing that evening.
Day 3
We traveled too far to unexplored territory and returned to the place we had over looked. An over turned boat that hid a cave behind it. The tide would abide for a short moment. I wasn’t quick enough and our friend Jayce was the only one that fell limp. I poured a potion down his throat, nothing.. “May me fury be instilled in my blade.” . I then drank a potion of water breathing as soon as I could, shined the blessing of the gods onto Torkiv and hopped on into the water ready to confront the Giant Octopus. It wasn’t long before we were dragged under the light from above blotted out but the one below had brightened. Fighting in a unique environment. It took us a hard tussle but the beast finally stopped moving. I scoured the bottom of the dwelling for treasure and brought up the body of Jayce. Gaz tied the beast up and we hacked it up and carried it with us home. On the way out a note fell out of his Pocket.
“Jayce and Gaz’s Mer-Marriage Matrimony
The grand union of two loving souls, one of land folk, one of merfolk. My studious colleague proposed the best idea imaginable, THERE ARE OTHER FOLK! Morefolk maybe.. One moment, time to find a overgrown squid.”
We trekked home a bit disheartened by a lose and feeling we had scouted more for ourselves than for the benefit of other adventurer’s. the day wound down. Daffodil caught a giant chicken. Everything out here is huge apparently. Even had some hairy elephants come over and trounce out our fire and nothing more. Then nothing else eventful that night.
Day 4
Found money on a pilfered corpse. Daffodil finding pockets no one else would not think of. The wounds the body had were made from primitive looking arrows. We pushed for the portal arena for a good nights rest and then headed home returning the portal keys.
Merfolk. Terrafolk, Ingifolk.