DM: Geokhan

Party Members: Zoren, Fiver, Abal, Emerion, Barendd, and Mizzi.

We ventured out to search for pirates on the east coast. I saw goats running away from 2 medium sized red dragons. We tried to hide in the bushes, but Abal’s heavy armor revealed our location to them. Almost got killed by flaming breaths! Half the party got taken down at one point. Finally managed to land the killing blow via toll the dead. We harvested the scales from the red dragon wyrmlings.

Red dragon wyrmlings. Tough scales despite their youth and dangerous flaming breathes that nearly killed us.

We later came upon a naked man covered in scratches lying on the ground. He told us he was robbed. After playing cards with sailors, he was assaulted by something that he only glimpsed. It’s possible he was a lycanthrope as it was the full moon that night. Fiver gave the man the backpack Fiver was carrying. The man looked a little warmer. We ended up deciding to dig a hole and see if he turned into a monster during the night. Since we couldn’t decide who to dig the hole, the man ended up digging his own hole, which we felt bad about… The man was named Arin. Fiver gave Arin Fiver’s winter clothes.

I was woken up by Abal and saw guards that suspected us to be bandits. Fiver tried to threaten them, and though they were unwilling to fight, they wanted payment for them to “let us go.” The dwarf Barendd ran, causing the guards to attack us. I would have been alright to pay them some gold, but it was what it was. We managed to take down over half of them, but three of them got away, including 2 guard captains. I worry slightly that they will incriminate us, but perhaps they were fake guards. I suggested the idea that the guards were fake and actually bandits, for they didn’t say they were from any towns nearby, and their insignias were not familiar to any of us. Plus, they were very fast on their feet despite their metal armor. They accused us of being bandits, but perhaps they were the real bandits all along.

“Soldiers.” Possibly bandits.

I was woken up once again to see wolves charging at us. Emerion was shooting at them. They probably wanted to hunt us for our meat. We fought back. They weren’t too happy about that. Most of them ran off. One was sleeping. Due to my own weariness of the fighting and wanting to not have any more trouble, I ended up killing the wolf with a spiritual weapon. That brought up protests from members of the party, which I partly agreed with, but on Sleeper Island, survival of the fittest was a brutal truth. The least I can do in respect to the wolf is to make sure to use its hide and meat as best as I can.

Hungry wolves

On my watch, I saw a backpack on the ground. It was ornate with gems decorating it. Mizzi inspected it and found a scroll case with fine scrolls. Mizzi asked if the backpack was Arin’s, but Arin said it wasn’t his, so we decided to keep its contents. It was probably one of the fake guard’s. Fiver suggested Arin come back with us to town to get checked up, and he agreed. We returned back to White Moon Cove safely with an inkling knowledge that the fake guards were actually bandits. The scrolls turned out to be spell scrolls. One I could use was Zone of Truth, but considering how the results were mediocre the last time I used that spell on a gnome named Namwubeg, I didn’t care to use it. Arin got checked up, and thankfully, he was not infected with lycanthropy.