Dear Xeilah,

Today I set out to the lighthouse again and once again Zoren, Oogway, and Vahn joined me.  We also had Mac and Dimble join us as well.  Oogway was really amped up to lead us so he took the position of leader and we started our journey back to the light house.

Along the way we ran into a mound of sand along the beach with a blue had sticking out of it.  I decided to investigate it a bit and the hand was definitely attached to an arm.  It was at that moment that we decided that whatever was in the sand was definitely dead and we should probably move on.  The rest of the day passed rather uneventful so we decided to make camp.  A nice little pond was found and there was this large skull just a bit up stream.  Oogway’s curiosity compelled him to check it out and Mac was protesting the whole time not to. 

Suddenly out of the skull, and the ground around the skull, popped up some oozes.  Oogway discovered quickly they were corrosive in nature as his sword was badly damaged from his attack.  This didn’t stop the party though and we were able to quickly dispatch them.  After the fight was over I used the mending properties of my mechanical spiders thread to repair his sword, his clothes however were beyond salvaging.

The night fell upon us and we began our watches.  I was on the first watch with Oogway and nothing really seemed to be happening, so we went to sleep after waking the next shift.  At some point during the night everyone woke each other up, but not me, and went to investigate some chanting they heard.  According to Ooway, who was still grumpy about being woken up, it was just some old man summoning a water elemental to go fishing.  Interesting method but one that I’m sure works rather well.

We continued on to Gordon’s house who was happy to see us again and more than willing to ferry us out to the island with the lighthouse.  We took extra precaution when approaching and entering the lighthouse, but nothing seemed to be out of place. We would have thought it deserted, if not for the fireplace having a recently lit fire.  We went up to the top of the lighthouse and found that the light didn’t work anymore.  After checking it, out we discovered a place to put oil, so we grabbed two of the barrels from downstairs and filled it up.  Flipping a lever the lighthouse came back to life and the beam of light was intense.  The rest of the party went back downstairs. I stayed behind and decided it best to turn the light off, so as not to attract any unwanted attention.  One of the party members discovered a hidden trap door with a ladder leading down.

We descended into the darkness and worked our way through a series of corridors until we came to a magic circle.  We tried to figure out what type of circle it was and what it could have been used for but all of us had no idea.  We decided not to wrack our brains about it anymore and continue deeper into this underground structure.  That’s when a bunch of pirates and thugs jumped us.  Considering we were caught off guard we had decent tactical positions.  Oogway met the pirate captain and two of his cronies head on and Zoren and Dimble were dealing with the pirates to our rear.  I was positioned in the center and deployed my turret in a healing configuration and Mac was to my back standing off against another pirate.

That’s when it happened!  Suddenly I heard a cry of “Run!” from behind me and when I turned around a pirate was trying to play drums with my skull.  Mac had fled, by passing all his companions and enemies between him and the ladder.  Oogway looked confused but continued to press the counter offensive and I held my ground against my new assailant.   Vahn and Gimble made quick work of the pirates to our rear and had shifted to help me and Oogway but that’s when the pirate captain broke ranks along with his band of ruffians.

 We pushed into a large room and we could hear the pirate captain shout out “If I’m going down I’m taking you with me!” I later found out that he had started some sort of trap that sent a line of fire into the room that had the circle and a fire elemental came bursting down the hallways.  Vahn slowed its advancement by creating an illusion of a giant undead monster blocking is passage, but that didn’t hold it for long.  The others and I, sent volleys of magic arrows and spells into the fire elemental, and it looked like we were weakening it.  At one point during the fight I noticed a small splash of water coming from the side corridor, which I could only assume was Oogway refusing to be left out of the fray.

The fire elemental made a hasty retreat back into the room with the circle and an intense light began to emanate from the room.  Our guts told us there was either two now or it had just amplified itself somehow, so we decided to retreat.   Everyone was now together again and Mac was holding a barrel of oil to sell, we headed back to town.  For the most part it was rather uneventful, we did however run into a group of guards who had a wanted poster for the pirate captain we had run into.  His name it turns out is Johnny Ketch and he has a 50 gold bounty on him.  The guards gave us a 10 gold reward for the information we provided and we were able to safely make it home.

If anything I learned a valuable lesson this trip, be careful of who you trust to have your back.

Gaven McThistlebrook