Lionel, Yatari, Babushka, GreGory, Fiver, grimlock, Osric, Rhoshar, Tehran, freyja, Manek

Our group was making our way towards the ruins, having heard tell of a cult that had taken over. Arriving at a brook, we were waylaid by 4 armed men. Demanding 2 gold apiece to cross. I made a counter offer of 2 silver apiece, and they came back with an offer of 1 gold. Naturally, I was irritated. I told them the offer was 1 silver apiece and we wouldn’t kill them. I also asked Yatari, a fellow bard and self-styled leader of our group, to fire a warning shot.

The Highwaymen took umbrage with this, and a fight ensued. I remember a man melting out of the trees, and then his fireball knocked me unconscious. After a few moments I came too, healed by one of my comrades. I got a shot off and hit one of our attackers while the rest of the group made short work of the others. Unfortunately, the man who cast the fireball, and an allied bowman escaped in the melee.

It is important to remember that even though I am of the nobility, I do not know everything. A leader of men is useless, and even dangerous, without knowledge and wisdom. Don’t let your group get within the blast radius of a fireball!