DM: Nastaris
PCs: Naal, Cauvin, Lyric, Enyaw, Rig

a bit embarrassed, Rig walks around town
No Rig not chicken. Rig train others!
Rig observe from afar! Rig not interrupt.
First thought Yee. Yee chicken though lucky.
Rig looks furious
No. Rig not chicken! got explosive thing from Yee.
Big bunny transform into bunnyskinthing after explosion.
Others. more than capable of slay evil bunnyskinthing.
Rig and Caerbor not needed.
Rig and others found bracelet. Rig now can get small again.
with a stern look on the face, Rig turns to the other side.
Yes, Rig know bunny no kinskin.

Evils to hunt

White Knight of Yee

Yee sound like evil
evasive and lucky
chicken, was just a flesh wound.

evil bunnyskinthing

transforms into this
Fearfull presence.
No Rig block path, made sure it not get away