Players: Pyke (Markan), Vixen (Faenoa), Kudolink (Oros), Red (Taaki), Martijn (Shurahaar), Ducatislo (Sven)
Date: 6th of November, 2020

As usual Markan submits a page out of his journal to the logs.

Entry #1 – We saw a light from the tavern in the WMC and went to investigate. The lights turned out to be burning crops on the outskirts of WMC. We are running off to defend them.

Entry #2 – As we arrived at one of the burning fields we were encountered with a pack of gnolls and dwarves attacking and burning some fields and houses belonging to the local farmers.

Entry #3 – The battle was hard fought but we managed to keep most of the families safe. The house burned down and two dwarf sentries fell in the attack but our adversaries now lay dead and broken under our feet. We now set out towards the other source of light to our east.

Entry #4 – The battle has been happening for sometime before we arrived. We came to see a bloodbath and a bunch of gnolls and kobolds. We dispatched of them and managed to save two families in the process before venturing forth

Entry #5 – We got to the third blaze and found the battle to have already been done. We managed to kill off the remainder of the gnolls and a talos dwarf. After searching the windmill we found and saved the last of the families that hid in the basement before returning to White Moon Cove with them.

This is probably the closest the gnolls have attacked yet, this is most troubling.

The next page he submits is that of a map. The marked places show the fields they defended.

We first came to the defense of the circle, then the triangle and then the square.