Dungeon Master: Seph
Party: Abel, Cober, Gaz, Ildan, Lysing, Tenfoll’at

If you are reading this you must have gone through my personal belongings though perhaps I am now missing or dead.
Either way there has been talks about the need to clear a mine in Port Mirandia. Since it is an underground mission I felt more comfortable as it is easier to hide underground. This time the list of random people following me when I’m trying to do something are: Abel, Ildan and Lysing. The first 2 reminded me of Bradwick with all their righteous deeds but I’ve seen them touching themselves and Lysing during this adventure. I do appreciate Lysing maintaining his distance from the group during the adventure, his excuse was that he had to stay away from the light. (I might want to use this excuse so that people maintain a distance from me. What an ingenius idea!)

Upon arrival to the mine, Ildan left his horse by the entrance to alert us in case something goes sideways. Within minutes of entering the mine, we encountered some creatures and I saw Coco fall to the ground. After killing the smaller creatures, big Gaz went to the big guy and he released some sort of acid that made Coco and Anhinga go poof. After the encounter we found out that we just fought some rust monsters and an umber hulk. If we were welcomed by those creatures, imagine what could this mine have in reserve for us. It was after this battle that I saw Abel touch Lysing, I tried to look away but I was curious about their doings. Abel told me that his touch provides pleasure to the other individual. (I’m not sure how Lysing felt about it but he wasn’t in pain anymore).

As we kept moving forward, we came across a body of water; Gaz and Ildan went ahead to tie a rope that would help us cross. JUST when I was about to cross the river, a creatured surfaced and grabbed Cober’s creation and dragged it under the water. COINCIDENCE? I think not! Something was definitely waiting for ME to cross to attack. Since we couldn’t see what was under the water, Cober lighted a pebble and tossed it in the river. Lysing set the water on ELECTRICITY! I wouldn’t want to be in that water. To make things easier for my teammates I levitated the creature to the surface so that they could deal with it accordingly. After it was killed, Gaz pulled it to the side and Ildan cut it open and discovered some treasures like crowns and the like, but no crown would protect me like my faithful hat.

We continued our exploration and came upon 5 eggs! Gaz told me that if I took the eggs something would definitely follow ME! However, he took all 5 eggs in his backpack (either he likes to be followed or LIED to me!). I thought they were alligator eggs but it turned out to be rust monster eggs. Then we stumbled upon some Aluminium ore but I have no idea how to turn them into tin foil. Looking back, I wish I grabbed some until I find out how to make foil, but at least I know where the ores are at.

The party then came across another body of water and I think Gaz spent too much time with merfolks, he thinks he can swim. And guess what happened? He started drowning! Had we not helped him there, he would have been dead. Once conscious again, he went back into the water and came back with a stone that had the letters WK and NO written on it. Someone must not have liked this stone to toss it in the river, but none of us understood what could those words mean. Further down the mine, we came across a sandstone door that was emitting abjuration magic from it. Boy, I know about abjuration magic when I see it and this was some serious abjuration. Seeing the power of a paladin’s touch earlier, Lysing and I figured it would be better if a paladin went and knocked on the door, but I doubt they wanted to approach the door. So our brave friend, Lysing, tossed a rock at the door from a distance. You would NEVER guess what happened next! The door attacked Lysing back with a corkscrew-looking thing that hit his head. Ildan grabbed his sword and was ready to smash it when he scared Lysing away who misty stepped away. What a smart genasi, I wouldn’t have stayed in the way of a paladin holding a weapon to smash my head. Cober got the ingenius idea of casting Leomund’s Tiny Hut where we could take refuge from the door. Now Ildan started tossing rocks at it and thank goodness Cober has a good reflex and counterspelled whatever the door sent our way. If you did not read that properly the first time, the DOOR can, not only attack you, but it can cast spells too! Following this series of unfortunate events, it seemed that the door was drained out of its magical energy. Os was sent to test the safety of approaching the door as everyone was too scared to do it.

Once our safety was ensured, we came upon a riddle. When we solved it, the party realised that the password to open the door is “KNOCK”. So the brave Lysing screamed “KNOCK KNOCK” at the door and the later opened. We all entered the room and saw skeletal remains of merfolks and kobolds. Gaz definitely had eyes for the smallest details and noticed some fresh footprints on the ground. Without any action of ours a dwarf appeared and he ate a death worm! Thanks to Cober’s powers, we were able to extract truthful information from him and found out that Port Mirandia will be under attack by Gnolls, Blood cultists, and Talos dwarves in a fortnight. We couldn’t get more information from the latter who bit the dust due to the ingestion of the death worm. The door closed on us and everyone panicked except Gaz who remained calm and said the words “Knock Knock”. The door opened once more and Gaz repeated the words and it closed on us. Once we were done with the knock knock game, we talked to the door and someone called Ezekiel was brought up. Cober minor illusioned a picture of him and it appears that he might have been a part of the creation of this door.

Since it was getting late, we all made our way back to Port Mirandia and informed Ricky and some other inhabitants about an upcoming attack on the town. I don’t even know if I want to have a door for my room now after today’s adventure. What will attack me next? If I stay alive or if HE doesn’t find me yet, I will let you all know. Until then, I trust almost no one and absolutely NO objects I will come across in the near future.