DM; Neal

Party; Don, Samara, Umbrys, Khaos, Oxalis, Inti

And smokey lit otter Otto.

Don go out to another portal, Don not remember code, North West of Port Mirandia.

Don lead this time, others think it good idea, Don did too, Don now think bad idea.

Don lead party towards river, looking to get a better view of the land beyond it, we don’t encounter much.

Then one night, we feel quaking footsteps rushing after us.

Newly awoken Don gets her lefts and easts confused, Don tells Khaos we going south to hide in bushes.

Kitty Khaos goes south. Scaly Dino goes south too. Khaos gets a ride on the Trex Express for a few hundred feet, while the other kitty Inti forces a ride on the Trex’s back.

The rest of us barrage the monster with everything we have, but even then, we couldn’t save Khaos.

Burying our ally, we move on to returning to the portal, when we encounter an abandoned campsite.

After a long investigation, we determined it was a snake-person camp.

Yuan-Ti? Here?

We are left with no choice but to follow the tracks, as they headed towards the portal.

Ending the day off, we take cover in the night and take rest.

When Don, during the night, sees several tribal figures approaching stealthily.

Seven barbarians assault us, but before that Don lets them praise the sun, casting light on my shield.

We attac,

We dont hurt much.

They attac


Don takes hit, after hit, Don goes down

Then Don back up.

Then Don goes down.

Then Don goes back up.

Don honestly doesn’t remember how many times that happened.

Then one Khenra friend goes down

Then second Khenra friend goes down and lit otter goes poof

Then naked halfling lady goes down

Don and Inti have stones, we look at each other, and decide to book it.

Then Inti throws weird bead, bead expands around the barbarians, creating a forcefield all around them.

Don manages to heal Oxalis back up, who then heals Umbrys. Don then keeps Sammara from dying, and Umbrys carries his sister away.

Inti then does the madlad move of throwing the barbarians like a god forsaken frisbee off into the darkness.

We run away, we rest up, and manage to return to portal alive.

Deaths; Khaos.

Losses; Pride.

Gains; Soiled Pants (Rare Drop)