Chemist has returned from the requested mission to investigate a possible Talos back entrance point. Chemist would like to report that we have failed. There was no entry point into the Talos stronghold it only seemed to be the remnants of a mage’s hideout. [Note: potentially stronger home base for Resistance fighters.] The owner of the hideout was killed by Chemist’s skeletons with a hail of arrows.

Worm Man

The person was made of of odd worm like creatures, holding high level magics in its arsenal of attacks. Very spooky. We also fought and destroyed many elementals of clay.

Hidden away in one of the rooms was a massive bird! Except it was flaming… people ran in fear but Chemist watched it fly out of the cave.

Finally, let Chemist tell you about the greatest rewards we found! Chemist found a bedroom with many articles in it, very good quality, comparable to mainland furniture! Chemist found a black Satin bed set, Cherry-wood dresser, a nice rug and ivory inlaid bathtub! [We also found gold and magic weapons but Chemist has no use…] This concludes Chemist scouting report to the Resistance.