DM: Lewis
PCs: Treylan, Artix, Yog, Alduin, Ragnar, Jax

We gathered at the Bitter Dwarf Inn, discussing for a while if we should explore to the south, finding the way pass the mountains or explore more of the north-west, through the passage between the Briarwall Forest and the Sliver Grove, in search for a small town, of that we heard rumors. We finally decided to head out north in search for that settlement.

Thanks to Yog we there able to move pretty fast. We found a stone building, Yog, went in and found 5 misshapen skeletons, he throw a javelin at one, but got no reaction The skeletons seem to be eaten by something recently, it look like they died in shock.

At our camp side we realized we there in a wild magic zone, out of a habit i still started to shock my self as suddenly bubbles started to come from my mouth, i put my schedule of to complete in the morning then we get out of that zone.

During our watch Artix and myself found a little cottage, we informed the group in the morning Yog entered finding some scribing in there, that we could not read. Artix detected evil and good and confirmed that there is some fey magic coming from the cottage. As we started moving I almost missed shocking my self I just got it right in time as we moved out of the wild magic.

During our second night a half ork woman riding a large wolf approached us, she was introducing herself as Zol, Treylan talked to her. She says she was coming from the north, the Piliar of Flames, a Volcano, but is traveling for a while, looking quite confident. A foul creature has taken many beloved ones from Zol, and also remands a toll for releasing her child, the souls of others. Her description sounded like a demon and not a lesser one. We offered her help in defeating the demon.

She blatantly also admitted she took some of our fellow people and adventures from White Moon Cove and gave the souls to the demon. we kept calm, sensing an opportunity to find an ally instead of revenging our fallen. Yog gave her a part of his clothes and in 14 Days she will come, so we have time until then to gather a strong party.

I have to say, her story about her child  sounded true, but she was hiding something. She might hope for us to get rid of the demon but, given the opportunity she probably will betray us at the first chance she sees if things don’t go as planned. We should be very carefully in future dealings with her.

On our further travel north west we did not get the clues and there surprised by a thunder storm coming down on us.  It struck down near Artix and filled all but Yog with lightning. As it was quite refreshing for my self the others did not like it that much. I tried to make my self a better target for the lightning bolts to lure them away, telling the others to scatter. They there still to distracted and did not scatter properly as another bolt went down, aiming for me but changing direction at the last moment towards Ragnar and the others. Luckily the Storm passed by shortly after without striking at us again. We rested for a bit to heal back up and repair our damaged equipment.

Ragnar wanted to move north and see that is up to this Volcano but we convinced him to better keep going west. On our next rest we found a huge skeletal serpent impaled by some kind of building. We investigated it more closely in the morning. The crackling of fire could be heard from inside. I wanted to investigate further but the others wanted to head west first and find that settlement we are in search for and investigate this lair on an other time.

We found a small village on the other side of a river, consisting of Humans, Goblins, orks and half-orks. Alduin did understand them and talked with them. They seemed to be defensive, not wanting us to come closer. Maybe some other more diplomatic group can see what they might want and forge an alliance. 

We moved on circling around the Sliver Grove heading back south east along the Whisper Woods towards ruined Oak. During the night Treylan found a tree with oblong red firmly fruits. A pack of wolves howled towards some creature and started eating. In the morning Treylan and Yog picked some of those fruits. as Treylan bite into one of them it exploded inside his mouth.

We moved along and found some humanoid tracks leading to a lair, a bit south west of the passage  siding the Whisper Woods. As it was time to go home, we made o note of it and marked on the map later, so it can be explored at a later time.

Traveling east just south of the Whisper Woods we found dead poisoned Ostriches, we burned them so no other animals would get poisoned and moved on heading back to Ruined Oak.

Although not much happened during our Journey, we found some points of interest for further adventures and did a nice circling route around the Sliver Grove and Whisper Woods