Party: Aram, Stitches, Pyhora, Prime, Vahn

DM: Geokhan

1st night’s encounter

The party set out toward a mine Prime and Vahn had visited the day before. The day past without much incident. Although, a surveyor was rescued after having been buried by some kobolds he angered. Apparently they inquired about whether or not a ship at White Moon Cove was ready.

During the second watch a strange being jumped Prime and Aram doing considerable damage to Prime before Pyhora landed several heavy blows as the creature struggled with phantasmal chains Vahn convinced it held it in place. As the amulet around it’s neck shattered so did the hold our magical effects had on it. Stitches landed some divine spells before the creature fled. Attempts were made to finish it off but the creature was too fast and the night too dark.

The cave exploration led to the group finding the carcass of the beetle which had slew two parties members last trip apparently defeated by the creatures who had left the six sets of foot prints the party had been following. Stitches stopped to feed some mice who urged the group to not pursue “the bad people”. Carefully moving through a group of grazing ants the party eventually found a portcullis sealing the northwestern most tunnel. Attached to the wall was a metal sign which read in dwarven “Beyond lies the Locitum. It has been sealed for your protection. 100 dwarves lost their lives during this tragedy. Turn back now. This is no joke. You will die.

Rock Creatures

Taking the other fork the party came upon the corpses of three gnolls which lay mangled at a tunnel intersection. About to investigate the north leading tunnel a sorrowful moaning caused the group to rethink their course and the south tunnel was taken instead. Further along the body of a dwarf and another gnoll were located. A search of the dwarf yielded a note which read, again in dwarvish, “Take the gnolls and investigate the mine. If the Locitum is there return and report. All hail Tsarasa“. Both humanoids appeared to have had the life drained from them. The party discovered an alternate route to the mine’s exit but instead pressed on in an easterly direction continuing to follow the tracks which were growing less numerous. The remaining gnolls were found their bodies crushed to a pulp. The source of their demise became evident as a patrolling creature with the words “Big E” carved into the chest of its rock-like form. Two other tunnels exited the area. One held “Big F” and the third was not investigated as the pair of rock monsters attempted to eliminate the group. Prime mentioned that their behavior seemed programmed and once the party had fled to a certain point one said, “Perimeter secured” and they broke off their pursuit.

The party spent the night in a ruined tower which appeared to be haunted. While on patrol Pyhora witnessed the tower in it’s former glory with a red flag flying from it’s battlements depicting a rampant tiger with wings. The force which possibly destroyed it. Stitches, also while on patrol, encountered the ghostly presence of an elven child who asked her to play. None of the other party members had similar experiences while on watch.

Packing up after breakfast and reports of the nights haunting scenes the group made returned to White Moon Cove to report their findings.