At White Moon Cove

DM: Geo


Mission: Explore the Claimston Mines


We spotted a troll by an overturned wagon with some humans encircling it. They tried to get us to leave but the troll asked for help from his goods being stolen.  It turns out the humans were bandits and the troll was attempting to make a delivery to White Moon Cove. We dispatched the bandits and mended the wagon wheel.  We went on our way and Gorblewuff headed to sell his ale.

Outpost and Tarnel

After spending the night at the outpost and finding out that the wild magic zone had disappeared from the area we headed to the mines. We were slightly off track and saw Tarnel a jewler from White Moon Cove and a crew digging for a jade deposite. He directed us towards the mines.

Automaton of the Illithid

After speaking to a mouse creature that resides in the trash pile. We headed deeper into the mines. Tender and her warhammer in the lead. From the eastern part of the cave came a construct who charged and attacked Shamsiel and he dropped. Tender used her thunder magic and the creature turned his attention to her. With a percise strike it dropped Tender… Rose tried to get her to stand but to no avail. The party quickly in an angry fashion took down the creature. We dicovered it had a Squid type mark that resemembled the Illithid head hanging in the inn. We decided to exit the mines and bury Tender. Taking sometime to reflect… we decided to move further into the mines.

The Gate

Moving deeper into the mines we found the bodies of earth elementals, some bats and eventually a group of skeletons. We easily took down the skeletons and found a sign warning not to go further and mentioning  “Locitum”. Then a large gate blocking the path with a large door a few feet behind that gate. We decided that doorway might be better inspected by more experinced members of White Moon Cove. Personally Till feels this might be a doorway Ezikiel knows about since the cultists and gnolls made their way towards it and he might be in league with them.

Big Chin Constructs

Moving further we encountered constructs with large mouthes. These were a lot tougher than the skeletons but we took them down even though they did try to eat Indarasul. Their stomaches held some surprises in gems and a potion. After a rest here in the mines we searched the rest of the mines and found everything cleared out. We headed back to the outpost to spend the night in preperation to return to White Moon Cove.

The Return

After a nice meal and drink at the outpost in honor of Tender we set out the next morning for White Moon Cove. We saw something similar to the dinosaur I saw at the new portal, but was not the same species for sure. We avoided it it and rushed home with out further delay. Till made sure Tender’s name made it onto the wall.