DM: Lewis
PCs: Yog, Gronk, Alduin, Lucca, Thran, Jax

We headed out to secure the coalmine north west of Ruined Oak. The Journey was rather uneventful and we arrived at the mine without problem.

The whole mine was filled with water, Although it was not very deep, some of us there already here before and warned the rest about the traps that lie here. I told the group to keep close to me for a while so i could finish my magic, making us all able to walk over the water.

We explored the area and maneuvered around some of the traps, triggering one or two, but in the end made it to the lower level of the mine. The Water was gone but we saw the remaining of many sacrifices of many. Last time a group was here they seemingly left those sacrificing rituals alone and even provided more fodder by killing other habitants of the mine.

I could not clearly see what happened, as i was a bit distracted but the room was full of bloody corpses and something that Yog started to attack, trying to destroy it. After a few moments three blood-abominations spawned and attacked us. I only remember that suddenly all my blood disappeared from my body and i hit the ground. Through the means of modern magic some blood was brought back into me and i followed by using some of my own magic to heal myself further up.

We defeated those blood-things and rested for a short time so i could pray to Eldath and heal some of our wounds, in the meantime Lucca detected magic and we found some googles on one of the blood-creatures. The heat was overwhelming, before we would have to endure this to long we decided to move on.

There was some kind of blood-river next to the room. Thankfully the Water-walking made it also easy for us to walk over the blood. We got to another room there a giant pulsing heart, or something like it, hovered over the quell of the blood-river and the many hearts in it. A hooded figure stood and did some kind of ritual. Yog started to rush towards the figure, which only looked at us and said “Shhhhh, it is awakening” Yog went into a rage and started attacking, while i blessed the rest of us.

The hooded figure went down quite fast, but the pulsing giant heart exploded into a blood rain and a blood-kraken submerged from the pool, attacking Yog. Gronk rushed to help and together they cut of some of it arms, Only to have the tentacles act independently and have the kraken regrow 2 tentacles for everyone cut off. Alduin, Thran and my self tired to keep everyone up, bu we there on a loosing ground and soon Yog went down followed by Gronk and even Thran, While Alduin blinded himself.

Lucca started to move back and as soon as Alduin could see again he also moved back the river along. I stood my ground blocking the path so that they could get some distance and in a last attempt to turn the tide i throw my last energy into a healing word to get Thran back to live. I could see that it was too late for Yog. As the kraken hit me i saw, Thran silently putting some live back into Gronk as everything blacked out.

The next thing i could see was Gronk over me infusing my healing potion into me, putting a finger to his mouth to stay silent. As Thran came to us i looked around and could see how the Kraken was squeezing down the blood-river to chase Alduin and Lucca. Now was our chance.

Hindered by the narrow passage we followed and attacked from a safe distance, as the creature was quite slowed. While Alduin and Lucca, luring it away while also firing their magic at it. Just as it got out of the narrower passage a last tolling the dead from me slew it finally.

Thran did a healing prayer as I did it before while Lucca did another defect magic and we found that the heart of the dead priest was emitting magic and was still beating. We tried to destroy it but were not successful. Someone put it into ist backpack so we, trying to find a way to destroy it later and we made our way back to Ruined Oak with Yogs Body.

As Yog was a follower of Tempus, Wulfgar although he is no more saved him as he had willed that his gold should be used to revive a fellow Tempus follower. Yog was happy to be alive again, although he seemed a bit changed, some dark aura coming from him for a moment and his attitude seemed a bit evasive, dodging clear and direct answers.

Now that we secured the Coalmine, someone has to visit king Zix and tell him.