DM: Dagobah
PCs: Cirris, Gronk, Cynder, Equinox, Aldwin
Written by Aldwin

It started with a dream. In the dream I was falling towards unknown land, seeing mountains and body of water. There was a voice in the dream with a riddle that I didn’t know the answer to. Very weird dream that was made weirder as I wasn’t the only one who saw it. Multiple people had seen the dream and some had the answer to the riddle. Portal code DRM.

Gathering some brave adventurers we set out to see what lay beyond the portal. On our way there we saw a group of gnolls heading to the portal and they were lead by this weird looking gnoll. We destroyed them with ease and continued. As we came closer to the portal site we saw three encampments with three different banners. One belonging to our allies the Blood-eye clan, one belonging to the Sori elves from Neathy Woods and one belonging to gnolls. Hobgoblins approached us first and they introduced themselves as Gold Squadron, Dikhen, Savlag and Sorku. They informed that hobgoblins had also seen the dream and sent out people to investigate. But they were unable to go through the portals because they had only the M portal stone. They promised us help and Sorku joined us for the trip through the portal.

Next we were approached by the Sori elves who had also seen the dream. They were missing the M stone and were willing to buy it but we refused. They were led by someone called lady Lashana. The gnolls we didn’t want to talk to.

During the night we sneaked past the gnoll camp to the portal and went through. I was the first to step through and when I arrived on the other side I saw huge lit brazier and 4 statues. A lion, two crocodiles and a bird of some sort. The lion statue tried to influence my mind in some matter but I was able to resist. As the rest of the party came through the portal the statues and the brazier came to life. A battle ensued, the lion statue jumping on people and vanishing to the shadows. The crocodiles had some aura that tried to prevent you from talking. The big brazier breathed fire and tried to eat Gronk. Luckily the lady smiled on us and none perished in the fight.

After the fight we found some coins hidden inside the brazier. We decided to return to WMC to tell about our victory and didn’t explore the place further. We need to explore the place and find out who sent the dream and for what purpose.