(( Sharptoof sits at the tavern, looking mighty displeased that he was being interviewed about their latest outing. What follows is a verbatim report of that interview… ))

Yes, yes. Sharptoof was at the battle. No Sharptoof don’t want to tell you about it. But Sharptoof has to, yes? Fine. FINE!

Sharptoof was forced to go out with the forces sent to defend the crossroads. Dwarf Grim took Sharptoof and the others there on cart. Met half-horse-half-human folk on the way there. Sharptoof think horse name was Khiron? We says horsies should help with gnolls. He says they don’t have arrows. We says they can barter – food for arrows. Some Dwarves at Re-Hope? He says they see about it and trot off.

Then we meets hobgoblin hunters. Blood-Eyes, they says? We says hobgoblins also should help with gnolls. They says they cannot. Have old peoples and young peoples. Have to protect their village, they says. So they run away, too. Sharptoof and rest cart on to crossroads. Camp on way there. Quiet night. Good for rest before battle. We gets there, set up defenses. Pointy walls of wooden sticks. Big wooden walls on wheels. Sacks of sand. Sharptoof leave rest to build fort, check nearby trees for spies. None found.

Then drums. War drums. Nasty fog. Nasty gnolls rush in. Fast, furry ones. Slower big boney ones. Some riding hyenas, come in fast from rear. Battle was hard. We lost half-orc boxer when he ran out to meet the gnolls. Nothing Sharptoof could do. Sharptoof ran from wall to wall, shooting arrows. Then dropped bow to poke’em with rapier. Gnolls had leather. Wore feathers and shot arrows. Sharptoof told’em to kill leader. When leader dies, fighters lose hope. Sharptoof was busy helping crossbowman when hunt master killed. Gnolls run away when master hunter die. Sharptoof knew it. And they say Sharptoof not smart. PAH!

Master hunter have paper on him. Magic arrows, too. Paper says gnolls attack Blood-Eye. Blood-Eye must be told quick. Maybe they decide to help then. Many gnolls left to fight, Sharptoof thinks. Lost another fighter too, but we brought this one back. He fight good, could be useful again. Went to Jub Jub dwarves then. They were happy. They give us coins. Many coins. Sharptoof happy about the coins, yes. If there’s coins, Sharptoof will help fight gnolls more. Can Sharptoof go now? Ok. Bye.