Lead by Durnek we went with a group of workers to build the road around the swamp. We encountered a small horde of goblins even before we began hammering away on the road. Then as we rested a squad of gnolls attacked us. Split from the group the grandpas got attacked by a group of hobgoblins. And finally, we were ambushed by more gnolls.

DM: Seph
The Road Guards:
Noiman & Zauberer the Grandpas
Durnek & Joule & Tingork the Adults
Desmond the Millenial

Day 1: A New Life and Travel

Starting my new life on Katashaka and short on cash I took the job that I heard would pay well. At the tavern, I met with a Tortle, a Fire Genasie, a Kor, a Hobgoblin, and a Human, we introduced ourselves and my hopes were high as they all seemed to be competent adventurers.

We headed east then south down the road and nothing was stirring until we were about to set up camp for the night. As a small horde of goblins began pelting us from the southeast. One of the grandpas attempted to parley, but it was ineffective. He must be new to the whole if they are already attacking they must have a motive thing.

Durnek ran into the midst of them taking most of their attacks as the rest of us picked off the stragglers that didn’t seem to know how formations worked. After their captain, Mr. Whips a lot fell in battle they started to retreat. However, we pursued and finished them off leaving no survivors. The workers were unharmed and pretty excited after watching us fight.

As we set up camp and began to rest for the night, a squad of gnolls attacked us. Staying by the fire I went prone as they preferred to use ranged weapons. However, one of the grandpas ran out into the darkness and I heard him scream as he fell to one of the gnolls. I healed him, but I felt that I should be more careful if this becomes a thing.

Day 2: Initiate Road Building!

As we stood to watch over the workers hammering away and clearing out the snow and grass for the road an injured horse came by. One of the grandpas pushed me towards it to heal the beast as he calmed it down. Rolling my eyes I gave it a good berry as its wound healed. Maybe the horse would make a good feast if we fall on hard times and can’t feed ourselves. I tied it to the cart. The two grandpas excited by the thought that its owner might be in danger wanted to set out alone from the direction it had come from. I gave them each a single goodberry and set them on their way.

They both returned one heavily wounded and limping and the other with less severe wounds. I asked them what occurred they said hobgoblins attacked them. I furthered questioned if they got any coin from their bodies. but they said they had to run away as they heard reinforcements coming. Knowing them for as little as I did I knew this was a lie. Sighing I walked back to watch over the workers. The rest of the day and night was uneventful.

Day 3: The Battle of our Lives

As we were finishing up the second day on the road we were attacked by gnolls from behind the trees from all directions. Durnek engaged the first gnoll that appeared as I looked for the rest since what gnoll travels alone but was unable to perceive the rest. Then two came from the eastern trees attempting to attack the workers. Joule will run to them and Noiman would run out into the open and start digging a hole to hide in the snow. As another gnoll appeared from the south and knocked him out. I healed him, but he would fall again. So I decided that he was not worthy and choose to only stabilize him. We battle went on for two whole minutes as our side was unable to hit the other and our side endurance the gnolls poisoned blades. Finally, we broke their rank and they started to fall back as once again we pursued and finished them off. The ones running away led us to their encampment which had a small pile of treasure they must have been collecting from adventures they had slain.

Day 4: Homeward

Tired and exhausted we made our way back to White Moon Cove and luckily the only encounters were the bickering between the grandpas and myself.

We completed two tiles of this road: