DM: Terrorrize
PCs: Equinox, Holg, Vuldred, Lara, Aurum, Bartimaeus, Aria, Jibb, Sakra, Thran, Jax

The sun was hanging low, slowly sinking, as large bell clanged in Ruined Oak. I rushed to the town center, seeing a guard clanging the bell, and lot of people had gathered, as I made my way to the front with some others

“Shut up! Shut up all you!” a officer was shouting. He informed us that a group of deep ones had been sighted moving towards the town and he needed some volunteers to counterattack or at least find out more on that was going on.  Together with Thran, Vuldred, Lara and some others i did not really know or were new faces to me, we headed to the sighting.

On our way farmers were retreating towards town and we saw an astonishing stone structure with statuary so detailed they seemed lifelike. Swathes of fungus covered the floor of the ruins. As we there on a very important mission we did not bother to investigate it more and just took a quick not of it.

Arriving at the shore at sunset, i was at the front scanning for deep ones. I saw  blubbery figures , deep ones, and in the center a very tall almost humanoid one. I pointed out to the others that i had found the group and we approached them weapons drawn.

Aurum, silenced them, as i pulled out my Wand, sending a Lightning bolt towards the deep one in the middle and another on at his back. Holg moved closer to the right side of them, while Thran cut off the forces with a wall of fire. Lara joined Holg and they hold up the right front together. A combinated attack of Jibb with his hand crossbow and Bartimaeus with some arcane missiles slew one of them giving Holg and Lara a bit room.

As more of them came on the left side around the Wall of fire and one of them recklessly moved just past it towards Thran, Thran let his Wall of Fire disappear and Bartimaeus throw a fireball, killing one deep one and severely hurting the priest leader of the group. From a quick smash of Thran’s spiritual weapon the priest went down.

Then a huge fishy octopus thing submerged from the sea, with a rancid smell, coming towards us. It went after Lara’s horse and did hurt itself, getting a little confused and giving us an opening to hit it easier. Bartimaeus, Thran and myself set the thing about with fire, while Vuldred fired with his arrows. Thran got severe wounded from one of the deep ones, while Aurum also called for some help. Aria went over to him giving him some healing and I casted a mass healing word to get all of us up into the fighting again, as we had some problems with hitting those dammed deep ones.

Jibb, in quick succession, put a bolt each in tow deep ones, felling them both. Shortly after he shot, another two bolts one at the octopus and one at the last deep one, slaying both. We should take a lesson from Jibb and work a bit on our skills here and there.

We pillaged the bodies , finding some gold and a magical hand axe, which Lara took, and made our way back to town. We found signs of a lair, in many tracks consistently heading in one direction. after a short investigation we came to the conclusion that the lair must be around 6 miles to the west, but the trail is partially obscured. Making note of our findings we pushed through the night and made it safely back to Ruined Oak, finding the captain and reporting back from our trip.