After months of work we are pleased to announce Crafting 2.0

Initially our crafting system was an integration of a 3rd party system. It was clear that while the system served our needs, it has many glaring issues. So after much internal discussions and consultations with you the players we are pleased to announce the following changes.

New Crafting Guide http://sleeperisland.eu/cookbook/the-crafting-rules/

-Re-typed and re-edited from the ground up
-Removed MANY grammatical mistakes
-Improved overall formatting
-Better sorting of appendixes
-Erratas that will be updated realtime

New Crafting Tool: Cooking Utensils
-Conceptualised and Produced by your fellow players
-Now open to for Public Testing
-Any Patron supporter who spends the monthly playtest token will be given temp prof. in cooking utensils

Crafting Changes
-Crafting per Long Rest is now up to DM Discretion
–Only 1 check in town per session
–Poor Environment Rule is now in effect and DM will decide the condition you are in
–Crafting outside of town will now require you have tools on you and 30 minutes of concentration
-Crafting checks will now be done in ‘crafting’ -Experimenting for a new recipe now yields both the Recipe and the item unless stated otherwise -Any experiment on the Major Alchemy table will also yield the recipe of the minor variant
-You DO NOT know the the Major variant of the 3 starter recipes for Alchemy As with everything else expect balance changes, passes and reworks with a potential removal if deemed unfit

A big thank you goes out to both the players that proposed and worked on Cooking Utensils as well as the Mods and Squires led by @ReddestMage(Kaine) in redesigning the crafting guide