DM: Knightofdread
PCs: Elril, Lheesi, Rith, Kol, Harroc, Rig

Roaming Ruined Oak, Rig can be seen wildly talking to things unseen.
Rig and non-kinskins, head out from White Moon Cove. Rig follow little non-kinskin Kol
No, No! Lheesi kill gnoll. Rig not at fault
Evil stinky air. Rig try fight away. Not worked.
Snorts south. Rig wake up Kol. Kol says not evil, Snorts passed by
Turning around happily gesturing.
Yes, Yes. Evil snare caught Kol, Rig slay evil ropes. Rig free Kol
Evil well. Kol says build of stone man. Rig not know how fight well.
Turning to the left with a sorrow face.
No, No, Rig not. Rig only hunt evil! Lheesi hunt deer.
But Rig has to eat too.
Lheesi cook Fish in morning even better then Kol cook deer.
Now again with a happier but still grm face.
Evil snake-cat attacks. Rig cut of snakes.
Rig hear scream. Rig rush to help.
Tiger attack woman and child. Tiny Harroc slay evil tiger.
Turning to the right side, pure happiness again.
Yes, Yes Rig protect woman on way to Ruined Oak.
Tower near Runied Oak. Harroc wants to lick it.
Rig’s face is getting grimmer.
Evil camp around tower, bandits and witch. townsfolk in cage.
We slay evil witch and evil bandits. Captain hurt Rig, Elril made Rig feel better.
Rig do good. Rig and Kol free townsfolk. more evil witch in tower.” 
Facing the air before him, Rig looks a bit ashamed.
Evil earth. Rig fight. Rig hurt. Kol say run. Rig run.
Lheesi down. Harroc’s hound bring her out. Rith save Lheesi.
All retreat. Evil earth follows. Elril, Rith, Kol fight evil earth of. Evil earth retreats.” 
Look at tower. evil air. All back to Ruined Oak.
lightening a bit up, Rig continues.
Rig heard, kinskins in town. Rig now search for kinskins.
Kinskins help Rig getting better and do more even more good.

Evils to hunt

evil snake-cat

Cut of Snakes. Poisonous.

evil tiger

Sharp teethes and claws.
Lots of food, tastes good

evil bandits

Normal puny,
Captain hits often.
witches cast spell but puny.

evil earth

Hard to hit, hits hard.
Burrows and moves underground.
Keep eye out, shoot then comes back.
Flees underground.