DM: Darkhelm
PC’s: Eyvind, Orianna (R.I.P.), Urias, Rush, Lyric, Lidian, Malachite

Author: Malachite Micascruff

There we were a bunch of oddball lads and lasses sitting in Axe and Thistle. We were bored and talking about the social conundrum of wealth, or the lack there of. I read some local logs about the jungle and though why not lead a group. Orianna scouted for us while Lyric blaze our trail if I recall correctly.
Eyvind was fond of every nook and cranny nature hard. Some times he’s stumble on her privates and get bit a bit.
It was late, and we were keeping camp. I was on watch with Lyric and a survivalist of strange taste by the name of Croc approached. He shared information on some local wild life and a couple of survival tricks of the local region. Such as a large flying beast has been spotted able to carry away three goblins at once. It likes to hunt open water and fields. the possible locations to spot the beings happen to be to the North West tip of the swamps across the drier portion and the other towards the coast line to the East. However if you want to travel to the coast line stay within the tree line. He partook of our food and shared camp with us for the evening.
I made an executive decision. We went North West. We came upon a magical tree, possibly blesses by fey, where rabbits were in excessive numbers. It indicated to us that natural predators were not around I believe Lyric pointed out. Doctor Eyvind said the he heard laughter after he spoke some weird mumbo jumbo. We continued North west…
I heard the cracking of trees, the rumble of the ground. My body tensed up… Just as it did when I was a standard bearer. It approached and I slammed my axe full force. It was then I realized I messed up. I felt paralyzed in my own body as the party skaddadled. the People eaters locked their eyes on me with tooth and nail they rent my skin asunder and darkness visited me. I felt a warm calm and opened my eyes. Panic set it, I climbed to my feet and took a step back Shouting out loud. They approached coming at me once more. Darkness.
Another warm crash over my body, I wake up. This time I stay still. One goes away, I sit there with my head on the ground. I watch as it grabs Orianna within it’s maw and the crunch of bones. Her screams, in which I could not react to. I heard Eyvind, “Meet up at the large tree.” Courage washed over, while fear in overdrive i belly crawl over to the fog that wasn’t there before. I get up move around, springily I tip toe. I feel the tremors move away. I didn’t run in the same direction of the party.
Out of no where and by my surprise I find a magical grove made of winter all by my lonesome. I slowly backed away and stayed along the edges of it. Then I spotted some dog type pups it seemed great in number, not pressing luck I kept running. I eventually caught up with the rest of the fella’s. While resting up and licking our wounds, we happened on a weird Dwarf daft in our customs. Goes by the name of Urias.
We did some more traveling, Filled out water skin near crocodile infested waters, then surprised a group of sneaky sneaky gnolls… Magic wielders… They are something. But they all seemed equally impressed with my prowess of blade and might.