Dear Master Loquist Faldamiare,

I went on another expedition and it was interesting. We headed out of White Moon Cove in an attempt to help the Wise Hoof clan of centaurs get to safety so their leader could see about getting them supplies to help defend against all the gnolls. Shortly before reaching the outpost our scout noticed a couple of figures hiding in a bush next to the road. When we called out to them they cried out and launched into an attack. In addition to the two half-elves there were several round metal creatures and a couple of monkey creatures with wicked claws and teeth. In addition the noise apparently upset the local wildlife as two giant crocs and two big snakes decided to join the rumble. With a bit of work we were able to put an end to the robbers and our druid talked the remaining creatures to just leave us alone.

On one of the half-elves was a note talking about a ship leaving early and the need to split the loot after it was taken. When we got to the outpost we told them of the incident and asked that the note be sent back to White Moon in an effort to warn whoever may be able to do something about it. As we were getting ready to bed down the lookout called out about ‘riders’ approaching. It was actually the leader of the centaurs and a small escort. He explained that he was trying to gather his heard but was having difficulty finding the last family, a male, female and their yearling. He asked if we would be willing to go to the forest due west while he finished gathering the rest. Of course we said we would.

The next day we headed out and had a rather quiet days travel. Just past noon we spotted a small building. As we got closer we determined it was a tomb. As the rest of the group started trying to figure out how to get in there and I asked if we really wanted to be grave robbing. They said we were on the island to explore and maybe it held something that would be helpful. Keeping my doubts to myself we proceeded to open the tomb. Inside was empty except for a large sarcophagus that almost filled the room. After a bit of exploration it was determined that opening it in the dark was the best way to go. Once we got the sarcophagus open the remains inside were almost completely decayed. However, in one skeletal hand was a scroll. Before taking it I asked the dead to allow us to do so as it may help us against the gnoll horde attempting to take control of the island.

When we finally got back outside we saw a trio of centaurs headed our way and, as luck would have it, it was the family we were looking for. They agreed to go with us back to the outpost so we headed back. I looked over the scroll but was unable to determine what was on it. I handed to other in the group and they determined it was a cantrip that could protect an open flame from all but magical winds putting it out. As the sun set we could see the outpost in the distance so we decided to push on. When we got there the rest of the centaurs were already gathered. We talked and decided it would be best to head to White Moon in the morning.

The next morning two of our party discovered five small marks in a ‘V’ shape that were tender to the touch. After testing them it was determined that they were succumbing to a curse. The rest of us apparently were cursed as well but were fighting it off. It was decided that when we got back to town we should all seek a mid to high powered cleric to cleanse the curse from each of us. We quickly traveled to White Moon with no incident arriving just at sun down.

As you can tell there are many hidden dangers on this island, my fellow adventurers being among them. I continue to learn many interesting things though so the danger is, so far, worth the experience.

With regards, Tuzok.