Geokhan as the Dungeon Master

Nartzim as Twiks
Human – 4, Druid 4

Chuckles as Gaven
Halfling – 2, Rogue 2

RobertB as Tuzok
Aasimar – 4, Sorcerer 4

Lloyd as Saoch
Halfling – 3, Sorcerer 3

Wade as Griters
Gnome – 3, Wizard 3

Bladetykon as Belanor
Half-elf – 4, Sorcerer 3, Warlock 1

Chadmeister as Shand
Half-elf – 2, Sorcerer 1, Warlock 1

You might have heard rumours of half-men, half-horse creatures known as centaurs running around the plains dreaming of the days where they had enough arrows to darken the sky and make it rain something not quite water. If you haven’t then I’m not really surprised, but they were out there, in the Ishah Plains, a whole herd of them, and quite friendly so please don’t do something stupid like shoot them with balls of indeterminate energy trying to achieve reincarnation.

Well, me and a group of city folk planned to find and send them toward Ruined Oak, so they could replenish their dwindling stock of arrows with our new and improved version of “Re-Hopes long-distance death delivery sticks(TM)”. Or whatever the dwarves called them, arrows maybe?

Anyway, we traveled to Spiders Reach Outpost, or tried at least, we did have to endure an pair of elf-ish creatures and their horde of mechanical, demonic and monkey-ish creatures. Luckily some of the nearby animals helped us, at least until a Halfing with a literal deathwish started blasting them. Cityfolk, am I right. A bit of negotiation over the drowning and dying halfling later we got to rummage through the elves pockets finding a note. I’ve transscripted it below.

Finally reaching Spiders Reach Outpost we had this impressive centaur ride? Run? Trot? Yes, trot up to us waving his big red banner around (drawing of it below). This guy is Khiron, leader of the fluffy feet horses (or something like that). We arranged to gather his herd and meet back at the outpost, he would find most, but three were missing, so we went west to find them.

We got a bit distracted on the way, stopping to peek in on a mausoleum. After a bit of trickery we locked half the group inside with the coffin (we had our reasons), after a bit they started to shreik like a pig chased by wolves, so we let them out. They brough a spell scroll along, never seen such a spell before, but I’ve got it memorized now.

As we finished up, the three centaurs we were looking for found us, so we headed back.

By morning the centaurs left for Ruined Oak and we went back to White Moon Cove. Two of our members had started showing signs of a curse, far to strong for me to handle. The rest of us had dormant curses, still to strong for me, but I did meet a nice Lunar Cleric named Hillval, who allowed me to be his lab rat for curse breaking. He did quite well, so in case you, my dear reader, have trouble with curses, please go to him, he has the “Twiks Curse Breaker Certification”.

Anyways, I better go get some lunch.

Twiks the Witch