DM: Seph

It has been a week since, and I had just last night had a dream, in it, this entity had a request. It would seem that my offering was not as “complete” as I had hoped it would be. It would seem that this poor stranded being is less than compatible with mine own crimson liquid of life. A being of celestial, Infernal or otherwise outer planar existence is apparently required for it to be able to fully communicate and comprehend this plane of existence. With that, I took it upon myself to address this (selfless as I am) and procure from my fellow adventurers the requisite blood. As I had acquired what I felt would be sufficient, myself and Kayn decided that it was near on time to depart.

We took the standard westward departure back to that same damned outpost. (3 entire gold later, and still not even the barest hint of a throw pillow? Words with management will be had.) Skirting the mist spewing annoyance of a rock to be certain and being refreshed at the well of tea, we quickly made way down to our destination. Upon arrival, I quickly decided that we should take care of business first (can you blame me… that oaf of a patrolman was wearing the same undercoat he had on a week prior. the stains still in the same spot around his sleeve from his obvious ignorance of the existence of a serviette.) We made our way into the crevice to find our friend still in good spirits and soon to be thankful for our help in procuring the desired means to an end. Some in the party expressed a desire to head back down into into the depths of the hole (and who am I to restrain an adventurer from their compulsion). upon descending, we found ourselves face to face with a couple unshaven rustic types with a horrid lack of regard for dental care (one can never be too meticulous with hygiene. It might save your life.) I happened to be quite knowledgeable in the felling of these types, and it was not long before my overwhelming speed and strength saw me standing victorious over the dominated bodies of the fallen.

So disgraced in defeat were they, that they fled from the plane of existence entirely and we made our way back up, triumphant and unwavering. A quick discussion with the entity and it was identified that the floors below were other “guests” of nefarious intent, and the entity was entirely for aiding in the destruction of them if possible. It even went so far as to utilize the teifling blood it was given as a base for a concoction to ward off the pain of fire. As happy as we were, we made our way back toward town.

On the path, Kayn identified a potential resolution to an issue on hand. He directed us to the foul mist spewing rock and asked for help in returning to the entity with it. He suggested that the entity, being of unknown origin, may be able to help in ridding the plains of this potential hazard. Agreeing with the wise barbarian, I gave all the aid I could by getting everyone drunk on ale and helping heave the rock back to the entity. In a pleasant surprise, the entity offered a two fold advantage. It ended the plight of the death mist for us, and offered to door off the entrance of the crevice so that no infernal or other evil being from below would be able to make it’s way up and out onto the plains.

Having done an unimaginably selfless thing, I thanked the kindred spirit and suggested to the party that we be off, on our way back to the cove. On our journey home, it was pleasantly noted that the hazard of mist had completely vanished and the plains were safe once more. Another good deed, another great day.