Leader: Snails
Scout: Wenbul
Trailblazer: Quinn

I made it into town to meet up with a group I heard was going on an exploration mission in a jungle area somewhere in this land. I was so excited to finally get to go out and looking at they party I foolishly thought it would be a cake walk with such a fine looking group. We went through the portal like true adventures, even with this being some of our first trips, with all of us feeling nothing more then a slight chill in this huge Ziggurat. As we head out we are met with a flock of huge birds, with very muscled legs. I spoke with them and gave a portion of my rations to switch they gave us direction to a water source east of the Ziggurat and no physical confrontation needed.

This is where things change, when we find the water source a duo of undead monstrosities emerge and with a single gaze drops me unconscious. When I awake I find that one of our party has been killed by the ghastly things. Take heed if you come across creatures with mouths large enough to swallow a man whole. Their gaze alone can kill you and they emit an aura that will zap the life from you, making close combat doubly dangerous. I would suggest keeping your distance when possible. After this battle I could go no further as an unwarranted exhaustion gripped me from this battle and we had to rest there the night. Thankfully to no more encounters through this night. Still feeling exhausted my comrades take me back to town, that I may recover and we can find another to take the place of our fallen comrade. Then off again.

Our trip back through the portal unfortunately lift our new comrade unconscious and in need of some healing, then we set out to the west. After a few miles of travel we come upon some barbarian tribesmen who where not friendly at all. After taking pot shot at Quinn, Snail and myself calmed them enough to reason with them and gain information about lizard folk and possible yuan-ti in this area. We leave them and travel back south-east making a circle back to the portal when our luck seems to have gotten must worse as we find ourselves confronted by a T-rex. I found myself climbing from it’s maw thankful to still be alive and no one else dead. I really should stay further away from the front line. I’m starting to think I might not be built for that, even with my size.

We do make it back safely to town, and with a tooth from that great beast, thankful to be alive and longing for my next outing.