Slump Reborn July 9th The gang go back to Dama’ Yami’s to pick up Caerbor and shop around for things to hunt, with their lives as the currency…….

PC’s: Phil, Aashas, Sylvan, Grey, Kaine, Dan
NPC Party Members: Caerbor
DM: Nastaris


Hello everyone, this is a story about the strange and powerful people of the swamp and the things we got up to with them.
Caerbor, a magically adept hunter, and Dama’ Yami, a powerful wielder of curse magic.

Dama’ Yami, gives Lasik treatments and curses for fun
Caerbro, Swollest Sorcerer that ever did Sorc

I have run into the two of them on a few occasions and even had Kaine die while visiting Dama just before this trip. But the events of that day are for another log. Instead, this one tells of the return to Dama’s home where we waited for Caerbor so as to venture out on a hunt he offered to Phil, Aashas, a couple others, and myself a few months back. The group had changed but all were welcome additions as we went back to a place we had …. unlocked just before having met Dama and Caerbor.

Phil getting eye surgery to see through the darkness

Phil remembered that the place we were going to had some kind of strange magical darkness that made summoned creatures go a little bit insane but only proved difficult to pass for the rest of us so he sought aid from Dama’ Yami for the means to see beyond this barrier. She provided this help in a gruesome surgical procedure with her claw.

PART 2: Phil’s Crushing Success With Traps

Enough Rubble to Stun an Elephant Can’t Keep Phil Down

I’ve known Phil for most of my time on the island and I have never seen anyone else check for nor clear traps in such a manner as him with such success. Truly a savant at trap removal and he is often met with crushing success.

PART 3: Spiderdan

Spiderdan, Spiderdan, does whatever a spider can, digs a hole, very fast, breaks through rocks with a blast, look out here comes the Spiderdan

In order to make getting around the area and searching through it easier I allowed Phil to polymorph me into a giant Sand Spider for a bit. Being a giant spider is the only real way to travel. Stylish, swift, and able to burrow through soft terrain with nary a thought to bother you. Not only is it the spider’s knees, it also has excellent defenses to make sure that anyone interrupting your trip will get back to the woods with speed.

PART 4: Kaine, the magnificent yoyo pudding and Grey’s magical elevator

Up and Down the Pudding goes, will it land NOBODY KNOWS!!!!

Through the efforts of Spiderdan, Kaine’s secret sensing wand, and Caerbor’s stone magic the group made its way deeper into the tomb and its many puzzles and traps. One such puzzle was more of a simple riddle to the mind of Aashas and with his guidance Spiderdan located a vertical tunnel that would have he quickly realized would see him as the proverbial Spiderdan going through the water spout. This required the power of Grey’s broomstick magical elevator so that many could get down but Spiderdan made it without effort all on his own.
However, Kaine tried to repeat this process in his new Pudding mode but became enthralled by the many trips the broomstick made going up and down the tunnel, following suit as he thought it held an ally….


A cosy retreat.

Caerbor does a lot of jobs for a lot of mysterious “Clients”, one of them granted him a magical home much like Isaac’s and Te’sil’s Magnificent Mansions. Its a fantastical and fashionable vacation dream home with great views and better service. We stayed there during the night so that we could be rested before taking a quick swim into the underground river below.

PART 6: Left is Right, Right is Up, Down is Yesterday

After a quick swim we found ourselves at the last resting place of the builder of the tomb we were searching. Only, there was naught but a square room and some doors. Around each doorway in this room was script that Sylvan noticed. He could not read it though, for it was written in Sylvan. Luckily, I learned this language while amongst the Fey and was able to read the inscriptions. We then looked up and found a bit of stone that had more writing on it. I went to check if it was legible but alas, it was in Orcish and I have not studied that language so Phil took a turn at reading.

Phil’s Definition of Fear

In a strange train of thought that came on from the turn I spent as Spiderdan the day before…. I figured that it would be a good idea to see if Hex would work differently or if the riddles had nothing to do with magic. The reason for this was that damnation is to damn, to damn is to curse, so damnation is a curse or hex and thus Hex is salvation. This proved to be true as its wounding nature became healing and Phil began to see the floor and the ceiling as portals to a paradise and a nightmare lead by a bunny. I forced him to go to the bunny portal because it fit the riddle. The rest followed us and off we went to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

PART 7: Clay is so Last Fight

As we arrived in the new and final area, there was a sarcophagus in the center of the room and four more doors. Fighting was heard inside the north door so in I ran to find ….. Caerbor in combat with two fiends and two Clay Men. Aashas, Grey, and I have faced a few golems in our day. These ones are so last fight though. Not even fit to be statuary back at the guild hall. TTTB (Too Tacky To Buy), though maybe if someone took their lesser forms, molded them, and baked them in a kiln Sylvan might purchase them for KEF.

PART 8: The Nycaloths say “DON’T FORGET ME!!!”

It would seem that unlike their clay friends, the fiendish fighters with teleporting power were more resilient. In part because they kept coming back to life in different rooms of the final fighting arena; unharmed but carrying evidence of their past defeat at our hands from moments before. This happened a few times until…..

PART 9: “Telling people not to walk on the grass will only make them want to step on the grass”
-A Biography by Danton John

No seriously

The constantly reviving fiends started speaking in Abyssal about how we should not wake the Master. So…. naturally…… I opened the sarcophagus and woke up the master. No one tells Danton John, world renowned musical theatrical scholarly icon what he can and cannot do.

PART 10: The Palidumbs and a Weapon to Surpass Metal Gear

That thing in the sarcophagus turned out to be quite the dangerous being. It rapid fired some feeblemind spells at Phil, Aashas, and Caerbor…. not a single one was unaffected by the magic so we had three very strong weapon focused magic users be reduced to beating things with pointed sticks…… The creature also began to poison Sylvan until he was nearly lost to us but there was a shining ray of hope…. a literal one, in Sylvan’s hands.

That hope proved to be his Sun Blade, capable of shining even through the magical darkness of the fiends, capable of kicking ass despite Sylvan being poisoned and exhausted, capable of saving us from our predetermined doom.


After all of the fighting, it was like we walked into a famous mage’s walk-in closet and came back with the lot.

Phil picked up a nice new creeper cloak that helps him not get hit even more.
Sylvan chose a fine fine mantle to shield him from the spells of his enemies.
Aashas had plans to do even more shopping and so chose a stylish bag for his purchases.
Kaine decided on a chic ring that helps keep him away from explosions.
And Grey and I chose to reap the rewards of selling our potential of having long lives for a mountain of gold….

All in all a rather spectacular shopping trip.