Dm: seph

Players: gor, Gonzo,Bradwick, Blue and Ganfath.

Area: white moon cove near the outpost in the giants crag

The adventure that took Myself Gor, Gonzo, Bradwik, Blue, and Ganfath entered the home of the entity known as J’an. it was a simple question to see if J’an could destroy the parasite in the unfortunately infected soul of Zac. Zak’s arm had been ripped off during a tussle of some sort in an area where well I don’t know where it is. Regardless I am off on a tangent. 

The entity appeared to be a black egg and it was enclosed in purple metal with pink and purple lightning arcing atop the egg. The entity spoke of how the plane of hell has partially fused into the caverns under the Giants crag.  We after talking to J’an, entered into the cavern at the request of our “Host” who seeks a separation from the hellish plane which has merged into the giants crag. After setting up a pulley system as to ease the way to get from one level of the caverns to another.

Going to the doors that were closed and sealed after speaking to the doors in several languages we found d that it spoke primordial and not long after we found the correct ways to get the door to open which was “I accept the password, humor,and  or key or else your minds will be sent into madness for an eternity” we told some jokes and then the door opened a portal where we fought banshees and zombies as well as a zombie named Jeremy.killing all in our path we decided not to push out further into the caverns of hell.  

After exiting the caverns we Blue Gonzo and myself were offered by J’an to gain the ability of true seeing in exchange for granting the ability to see to J’an. I accepted that offer as it’s simply allowing a blind man to see from my eyes.  My pupils now burn a pink purple after the entity partook in my blood and gained some of my hardiness for life on this plane. We walked back to White moon cove where this log now sits.

Gor formerly Gor the Stinger boxer extraordinary