Players: Ragna, Sylvan, Te’sil, Isaac

Its a me, Te’sil!

So off we go on another Trip I went, First meeting up with drumroll

A frumpy red wizard Isaac,

His magic only matched by his ego

The smite train paladin Ragna,

Sadly, she wasn’t wearing the “summer-wear clothes” we got back in DOF

The danger ranger Sylvan,

He’s been going by the name big boss lately

And yours truly Te’sil the magnificent!

So, everyone seemingly board with all the current things trying to kill us on this rock, decided we should set out and find new and interesting things that want to kill us. With Isaac riding a rug (jokes) and Ragna and I on Pegasus’s all that left was Sylvan to double up with me on Bubbles. Tell yea whhhhat, Flying is the best way to travel. We made great time sweeping north west from Swollen Tooth Inn.

Ran into some witchy turbulence when four blowhards tried to rain on our parade. Being the Wind beneath Silvan’s wings, he let a flurry of arrows fly, while Ragna and Isaac really blew them up. In the end it was a breeze to blow away the competition, their attacks barely wafting over us.

[Note Isaac is getting a little too into eating souls]

After that we found the remains of their former victims and gave them a proper burial. Poor sods, I’ve been eaten before, its no fun. Well, I take that back Grey got this one “Ki technique” …

Moving on we moved on, First coming across a pair of MASSIVE bears. They seamed cool, we said hi, but they didn’t really respond. Then we ran across a Giant Elk out looking for supper. Sylvan and “Verdant” (Sylvan named him) Hoork at each other for a bit. Apparently, the guy can talk to critters.

Next day we found a COLOSSAL black pillar, it dwarfed the mountain’s it was so massive. Pure black and from a GREAT distance (Tits to getting close to that thing) it looked terrifyingly smooth.

Came across a statue near that, bout five and half tall. Some dorks tried to kill us, didn’t go well for them, even kept the head of the bazaar undead horseman who was carrying his head in his hand.

Chatted with the statue for a bit thanks to one of Isaac’s spells we got form Szordian the super old elf mega wizard. She was pretty chill (the statue, Szo is a dude), told us about a secret box in her with a neat-o art mask. We ended up playing wing girl to her and a black statue we found a back at the Hag hideout. Now you might think a Six inch black, and a five- and half-foot white statue might be an odd pair. But He fit just right in her secret compartment.

She had some writing on her “Wrenched Wringers Wrought Darkness on Forlorn Giants”. Now Kaine and some of his buddy’s came running in the tavern a while back. Said some dick wad who ruled the “Black Delve” was haunting their dreams to the point of them nearly just dropping dead. The guy would just sit in his chair wringing his hands and said he wouldn’t let them free of the nightmares until they went and killed some giants. [Note Tiny hut will block the wang-lord dream attacks] From what Kaine told me the Giants (friendly’ish to us) would heap snow on the “black mountain” to keep the jerk from getting any stronger.

With the week coming to a close we started a return trip home, swinging more south catching sight of a bubbling lake with some town ruins near it. Its all on the map.

Good trip. Gott’a think of way to expand how many bodies we can carry though the air.

Flying really is the best way to travel.

Day score 10/10

[Note’s to Darcy] Small collection of new flowers in the bundle along with my copies of the map I made. I hope you like them ♡