DM: Tater

PCs: Araurian, Maximus, Peri, Silver

Dear Diary,

I just got back from my first adventuring experience since I arrived here on Sleeper Island! (Hehe, I wonder if that name is referencing the dead?)

Anyway, here is how it went: I met up with 3 others who had also heard rumors about this strange, lone Bard wandering about and we set off from this town by a lake (I think it is called Ruined Oak). The party was made up of a Bard named Araurian, a Paladin named Maximus, and a Wizard named Silver. Oh, and myself of course. We went south, crossed a bridge, and spent most of the first day walking around. When night came I took my trusty fishing tackle and fetched us up some grub: a whole… one… small… fish. I guess I stopped at a bad spot. The fish was about enough for my 42-pound body (I think I gained a bit of weight recently, but don’t tell no one Diary!), but I think most of the others had to rely on their rations. We decided to set up a watch order and I was number 3. On my watch I saw a a few slinking shadows, but couldn’t tell much… I really need to learn the Light cantrip in the future to see better. I woke up Silver when it was his turn and told him to watch that spot I saw the shadows. I guess he saw better than me though and next thing you know we were getting attacked by some bandits! It was a little rough, but the bandits suffered more and eventually ran off.

On the second day we just kind of left the bandit bodies there (I didn’t have a shovel or nothing and it would also take time away from the mission. I will just have to let prayers suffice) and left to search for the Bard again. Nothing. Except this time when I went fishin’ the fish were practically jumping into my bucket! There was plenty to go around this day. During our second rest, would you believe it, the Bard came upon us during the night. We asked the Bard a few questions, but didn’t learn too much. Araurian had some sort of musical duel with the Bard, each betting their coin pouches, and ended up out-playing that ol’ Bard. He told us some more stuff before wandering off, including his name… which I forgot. Oops. Hope that isn’t important.

Third day, I guess with nothing much else on our minds, we went to hunt down those bandits who fled (can’t let them keep attackin’ people, you know). We did a lot more walking and I did a lot more fishing, which went good enough to feed everyone. We stumbled onto their hideout in a cave that evenin’. I couldn’t see so good again, so I let the others lead the way. We only found 3 bandits, and we took care of 2, and captured the leader who told us where they were hiding all their loot. The others had the bandit captain dig up the loot with his own, bound hands while I went looking around the cave… which I can’t see no good in. Oh, but I did bring a lamp and oil. I didn’t want to light it earlier cause I didn’t want to alert the bandits. The only thing I found though was a huge skull that was basically impossible to miss anyway. I know death comes to all, but seeing even the mightiest of beasts fall makes me feel smaller than even a normal Halfling. We took a rest in the cave. The bandit leader ran off during Maximus’ 2nd watch, but I don’t cast no blame. 3rd shift, my shift, I was just walking around with my lamp and found this huge ol’ hole in the ground. Well, it wasn’t that big, but it sure was deep. I threw a candle down there and could barely see when it hit the ground. I would have liked to explore down there, but I ain’t got no rope or nothin’, so I just went back and took another look at the skull. It seems to me like it belonged to a dragon (I wonder if dragon bones are worth anything?). I woke up Silver and told him about the dragon skull and warned him not to fall into the hole I found. Next thing I knew it was mornin’.

We decided to head back to the lake town (I don’t feel so bad leaving the bodies now cause a cave is basically underground so that qualifies as a grave anyway, right?). On our way we found these two old Spellcasters dueling. One of them was shouting about the other taking his wife or somethin’. Araurian tried to step in and stop the fight but they countered his spell and we realized they are pretty tough ol’ geezers. Their fight was getting pretty dangerous to hang around, so we just went back to town. I wanted to stop and fish, but we were already so close to town, so we just pushed our bodies a bit more so we could get to town that night.

And that’s it Diary. That was my first taste of Sleeper Island. I don’t know how much time I will have to write more of these, but I figured I should write one for my first time out at least, you know? I also went to an inn and found someone who did a little drawin’ of me. I will put it at the end of this entry to remember. I wonder what else Sleeper Island holds.

Peri, 17, Halfling Cleric