Dear mom

Hey mom this week has been a rough week for us here on the island. Me and a few friends when to check out a temple in the middle of no where. As we started there was almost a foreboding in the lands the first day we where out in we came across a hangman’s nooks and drag marks away from the tree. As we pressed on in the middle of the night one of crew saw a burst of fire and a Honorable scream luckily I was a sleep for that, After Dust went and investigated someone was burned on a stake. The next morning me and Eddings went to see if we could make out anything out of what happened come to find out this unnamed thiflng, was burned by quit a few people in what looked like a ritual. After putting the body to rest in the ground we pushed forward. Getting closer to the temple we came across a gentleman who name I cant remember you know how I am always forgetting things like that (it is just so hard to focus on that when there could be danger anywhere) but any-who he had tied up a guy that was brainwashed by thalos. After taking the hostage in to our care and answering our questions the group decided to release him not kill him release just let him go i don’t get it I don’t get how he could have been brainwashed he should train with our masters and the brainwashing would never take hold. Remember that one time they left me under that water fall for three days and forgot me after going to that gob party I was so hungry after that but they did take me and got the biggest boar we could find and let me eat my fill first =D it was a amazing day. Oh sorry back to the point we let him go. soon after we made it to the temple. That’s when our trip turned from not so bad to scary as we walking in there was this big fest set out for us it was sooooo good I kinda hope we get to go back just to eat a bit. but there was this box with wooden pegs in them if you pulled one a door would open and one would shut, after a bit we found a key that unlocked the box to open the main door. After going around what seemed to be a maze, we found the guy thing praying to this big bull head. He turned and Karash was not having any of it he rushed in and started waking this guy but it did nothing. So me looking up to Karash and thinking how cool of a fighter he is I had to help so I rush in and jumped on the bull head and got around to flak this bad guy as I hit him I felt as tho I did nothing to him. Karash then grabs this guy and a dagger attempting to turn his own weapon against our foe. The guy had a mask with some stuff attached to it so I thought it needed it to breath so i pulled it off and dear gods mom it was uglier then my brother (love you sion) me being use to seeing ugly =P it didn’t do anything to me but ahaha I heard Karash scream in fear it was quiet but there, so I just slid that back on. Eddings came in trying to help us but like us we just couldn’t hurt this thing, as Karash held him I ran and grabbed the dagger and stabbed the thing must have had a good bit of magic to it, it struck true and hurt it. So me and Karash did what you always told us shared the magic dagger and took turns poking him till he stopped moving. After the fight we started back in the maze till i turned a corner and this thing shot at me with these big bolts luckily I was trained to dodge all kinds of thing like master always said if I could dodge a wrench I could dodge a bolt. As we went along there were a few more little traps then Karash found the big baddies this ugly dog thing and the main fat tubby boss thing I named him Jep. Karash killed the dog easy but Jep wreaked him hard, then heard a crash as a block fell from the roof and cruched vhan but he was still in the fight the big boss retreated back as we regrouped. Which should have been a sign to GTFO but we stood there and a big fire ball fried us all hurting us bad, us being mad at being fried we went after him. As we fought vhan was ripped to shreddes by Jep’s whip as he was we all knew with our hearts we had to get revenge for our friend. I could not hit with my warhammer so I throw it down and pulled out breeze. which never lets me down she cut ture and hurt this unholy thing. Me and Karash was keeping it busy as Dust and chem was snipping it Eddings was tring his best to heal us up as much as he could. Chem saw an opening came behide this big ugly mug and slid a dark dagger though its spine. Hurt sad and tired we decied it was all we could do at that point. we headed back to get help for vhan and lick our wounds. luckily vhan was brought back to life so we didnt lose anyone this time. The site of Jeb will hunt my dreams for a while.

Love always, Oogway