Dear Mom

Hey mom Oogway here sorry i haven’t been able to write you in a while. Today we had an amazing adventure! I was sitting in the tavern with some friends and having a good ol time then one of my adventuring buddy’s magic scrap dog started going crazy and talking telling us to return to the mother ship. We started off the doggo takes us to the whispering wood which is super creepy!!! As we arrive at the woods we found a bag of body parts which was nasty so we camped a bit away from that. We found a nice pumpkin patch with some yummy pumpkins, I had to eat at lest three of them. As the night started I settled down for the night and the new adventurer feel asleep at his post of didn’t wake me up for my shift. luckily no one died because of that over site. The next day as we looked for this mother ship thing we came to one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen it was a house made of candy!!!!!! I thought I had died and went to heaven it was so majestic. It was to good to be true as we looked there was these nasty skinned people that stunk like no tomorrow, We was just going to leave which I just wanted to eat it as we set out to leave we heard little screams of horror. I knew I had to save who ever needed my help so we rushed in to save them. after a epic battle with this bat thing and dead people I busted into the house and we saved the poor little ones. comes to find out the candy house was a fake and i did not get to eat any of it, and the owner on the house likes to makes kids into pies so no telling what the rest of the house was. After freeing the kids we set out to find the mother ship again the dog lead us to were this giant toad was fighting this massive metal spider thing. the dog old us the metal spider ball was its mother so we killed the big frog. In retrospect I bet that toad would have had some good meat on him. Anyways after we killed him the spider thing told us it was could fly and was from somewhere far far away in the sky!!!! I could not believe such a thing it was saying it was on a peaceful journey to collect data and return home and that the dog was infected with some of it and it was not its mother and i couldn’t get a dog from them. They were willing to take us back with them but I did not know how mail would work that far apart and I didn’t want you to worry so I asked if they could just take us back to town and they did!! I felt like a bird, I wonder what their home is like maybe we will get to meet them again someday!

Love always