Day one
the DRM portal is surrounded by standing stones and has a staircase of generations-old stone by the south of it. on the staircase is Druidic writing that imports the importance of the nature being respected and something about prey and the glowing circle southwest of the portal is a tree that has an abundance of water surrounding it that seemed purified as well as a Sprite or Pixy of some sort
Cally and Tor discovered a Creature that was large and had many legs as well as a weird head.
We had centipede for dinner, it was good.

Night 1
there was a sentient creature an aberration it attacked us and we killed it. the land seemed to be cursed making blows that would surely kill miss.
If I could find a way to say how bad-smelling Flesh is I would say that it is disgusting. three people died by the fires of a Worm or eel-like creature that spat Boiling oil which ignited as it was flying through the air the only way to kill it was by dealing enough damage to it via any form aside from fire, as it turns out, the creature is able to revive itself via the heart of embers in its chest so I threw a ball of ice and extinguished its core after that we dragged the four bodies back to the DRM portal and exited before heading to the town and reincarnated the three who had died

three who reincarnated
Oxalis as a ghost wise halfling
Tor as a Half-sun-elf
Don as a Half-wood elf

Glens foray into the DRM Portal that went terribly and thats putting it lightly