DM: Dayman 
PCs: Isaac and Isaac, Phineas, Yog, Shantarr, Marrr, Skrak, Kelmaris, Bartimaeus, Warden, Blink, Akris, Oet, Orson, Cirris, Vuldred, Thran, Shiisthel, Jabb, Ragna, Hjalrig, Huck, Jax 

Meeting with the Gnomes again
After we brought poor little Visc’s  body to our camping caravan, we met up with Thran and he brought the little gnome back to live. We afterwards set up towards the gnomes again, with Isaac leading the way. Somehow there were now two Isaac’s. Maybe i should drink less, but no I didn’t saw double, there really was a second Issac accompanying himself.
As we arrived by the gnomes place, they where quite thankful and thank us again for freeing them from that scourge the other day. They gave us some things, like a weed, that makes you swim easier even with heavy armor or leathers what seemed to fit perfect into a watery environment as well as a paste, that lets you gain back your used magical energy, and a few Potions that might, according to the gnomes, become handful. As we were leaving after a well rested night, a gnome child gave us a crystal.
Isaac analyzed that crystal for a bit and concluded, that it might hold someone in this plane, cutting off possible escape routes.

Venturing to the Storm’s Center
The Objective now was clear get to the center of the storm, in the depths of the Lake of Songs. As we were traveling alongside the river a blue dragon fleeing from the storm, passed by. Isaac reached out to him with a telepathic message, but the dragon returned the favor with a breath of lightning,, luckily not targeting to precise and missing.

As we were coming close to the storm,i felt the tingling sensation of wild magic, but more chaotic, as it also was impacting the time we took to cast our spells. I tested it out while frequently shocking myself and while the effect seemed to alter the Magic a bit I was able to react to it and the chance for it to go wild was low enough to still cast without fear.

As we were coming close to where the river went into the lake, Isaac blessed us all with the ability to breath water and created a telepathic bond between half of us. We dived into the lake and rested underwater. In the next morning i spoke to some fishes, getting vague directions on there the Deep Ones might be, as i described how they look like.
Getting through the lake, we saw a floating head, a box tied with a rope to it, in the distance. It looked like something is kept there, bounded through runes.

We made a small trip to the Kua Toa and asked what they might new about the living beings and the Deep Ones in this lake. The Deep Ones seem to alter the weave of magic under the lake and Strange creatures come from the depths. A Sea Dragon, Curuthash, once called “the Beautiful”, is now called “the Destroyer” as it got more and more aggressive. Below the water there also lurks a creature far more fearsome and dangerous, an Aboleth. 
The Kua Toa also strongly recommended not to do shit with the head, box and the runes as such old magic is not to be played with and what ever is kept inside it, should not be messed around with.

The mighty Curuthash
We headed on towards the Deep One temple in the depths and as we came closer we could feel the water pulling us towards us as Curuthash appeared and some Deep Ones coming through some portals. The Dragon swam towards us, opened his mouth and breathed cold water and ice towards us, as the world went black for me.

To my fortune Hjalrig brought me back up and after quickly scanning the battlefield, i shouted out a quick word to Eldath, bringing the other fallen allies and friends back up. But the dragon came down breathing  down on us again, letting the world fade away again. As i got healed back up again, I saw how Shantarr pushed all of the Water to the outside making the battlefield dry to the misfortune of the Deep Ones and Isaac quickly followed through with some fireballs slaying many of them.

But the Dragon flew up in the air, beginning to cast some Magic as a huge cone of cold came down on me and my friends around and the world went black again. I woke up looking around, seeing Vuldred nodding as his spirit healed me, I also saw my friends lying on the ground around me, so I quickly send another prayer to Eldath bringing them back up. But Skrak sadly kept lying as he was dead.

An Invisible, gleaming Phineas shot a flurry of bolts into the dragon hurting it severely, and after some more shots from Vuldred and Jabb, Curuthash became invisible and vanished. We quickly deposed the remaining Deep Ones and Cirris closed the Portals, by destroying the runes with a planar force loaded short sword Thran was able to bring Skrak back from the death, but his mouth somehow was closed and Skrak was unable to speak.
Searching around the temple, we found two scrolls of a special resurrection and also found a way down deep into the temple and Shantarr, led the water come back, guiding it in a way to let us descend easier downwards.

Facing the Aboleth
At the bottom we came to some kind of mouth in the middle, surrounded by water. The wild magic of the storm was quite a bit stronger here at its center and we faced the sea dragon again, as well as what looked like the Aboleth, the Kua Toa had mentioned. 

Curuthash, still a little bit wounded but healthier then before greeted us again with his cold breath and my healing was again needed to bring my fallen allies back up into the fight. I then moved towards the Aboleth, pulling out my wand and tried to throw a lightning bolt at it, but it somehow manipulated the weave, making the bolt firing backwards, rushing through my body and hitting Huck and an Invisible Phineas. While Phineas and Vuldred, with the help of some fireballs put an quick end to the Deep One priests, Isaac and  Isaac did a great deed in countering many spells the Aboleth or Curuthash tried to cast

Through Portals around the mouth new Deep Ones started to came through, so Hjalrig and myself started to closing them by smashing their runes with our spiritual weapons. after we had closed a couple,the mouth erupted, soaking us all closer towards the center and Huck as well as Thran nearly fell inside, barely holding themselves, hanging from its teethes. Huck climbed out and took cover, but the dragon casted another cone of cold, which Isaac failed to counter, bringing Thran down and as he lost hold on the teethes he fell into the mouth.

The Aboleth, who was resistance to almost everything and seemed to be immune to fire and psychic, as Shiisthel learned the hard way, firing a perfect shot at it, only to see it shrugging it off, grabbed Warden and for a moment his defenses failed and he went to the ground. To my misery I could not reach him with my healing, but Huck had him covered.
As the Dragon clearly was influenced by the Aboleth, we tried to save it and  Isaac catched Curuthash  in a wall of force. with more and more being able to focus their attacks on that Aboleth, it got hurt severely. But from time to time his wounds closed a bit and we heard the dragon scream in pain. As we continued our effort to strike the Aboleth down, Isaac took the crystal we got from the gnomes out of Wardens pockets and threw it with the use of telekinesis towards the Aboleth and the crystal buried inside it, making it scream in anger, absorbing more of Curuthash’s life force and we heard hwo the mighty sea dragon died.
Cirris was firing some arrows onto the Aboleth and one of them hit him with such an overwhelming force, that it got paralyzed and Ragna rushed towards it, smiting it down and it died from the sheer radiant power of that strike.

Isaac used one of the resurrection scrolls to bring Thran back, and while his soul was a bit weak and almost did not return, the Scroll was so powerful, that it succeeded bringing Thran back. But we could do nothing more for Orson and Hjalrig than to bring their bodies back to town.
We dismantle the dead Aboleth and the Dragon, gathering valuable Parts, of which the Kua Toa and the gnomes were able to make some wonderful things and Isaac then used the other resurrection scroll to bring Curuthash, freed from the Aboleth and returned to its former peaceful state, back to the living. Back at White Moon Cove, Orson and Hjalrig got reincarnated, due to their wills, allowing them to continue adventuring.