DM: Grumpy
PCs: Ragna, Vuldred, Braxx, Lara, Thran, Jax

Ragna told us about a Yuan-ti temple that they explored and raided deep in the marshes together with a squad of Yuan-ti soldiers led by the scholar Sekrus . As the group were escaping the temple they arrived topside to find that all of the Yuan-ti but 4 had been slain in the waves of attacks by the Lizardfolk above. As the Group fled the temple north into the Marshes they witnessed the Deep Ones and their Lizardfolk setting up around and securing the Temple. Then going back inside instead of following the Group.
We set out towards the temple to weaken the deep ones and find more out on what they are doing there.

Just before entering the marches we set up camp. During the night 2 demons ambushed us and tried to drag me away, i noticed that nobody was keeping watch and shouted to the others to get up. One of the demons dragged me with him through the shadows. We appeared back a bit south and down the cliff. They stole our shadows and turning them against us but a quick Spiritual Guardian by my self did quick work with them.
Although Lara, Braxx and myself seem to have no shadow anymore. The last demon tried to flee, but unlucky for him he went the direction Vuldred was standing and got picked out of the air by a quick volley of arrows.

As we got up in the morning Thran caught up and joint our group. Moving through the marches we found some dead lizardfolk, they got killed by one clean cut with a very sharp blade. Thran and Ragna confirmed what the yuan-ti probably are responsible for that. Ragna led us, searching for them and we met up with Sekrus, who seems to be a leader of a small group of them. Ragna and Thran consulted him for intell about the enemy forces and convinced him to join us, helping pathing through the marches.

With the help of Sekrus and his yuan-ti the further travel through the marches was quite easy and we made good distance. During the next rest, Thran talked with Sekrus about the yuan-ti capital that is some weeks by boat to the south. There seems to be a portal nearby the capital but they couldn’t completely figure it out and had no addresses to use. The journey is quite dangerous,  as Sekrus warned us about sharks, serpents and something he just called Garmamu, feeding on anyone who travels by sea. There was also some discussion about different types of boats and what was best used for such an journey.

Arriving at the temple side, seeing some lizardfolk with a gil-man, we tried to sneak up and Thran gave us all the ability to walk over water. but they discovered us Vuldred fired but one of them catched the arrow and throwed it back on him.

Lara rushed forward and after holding her own for quite a bit she fell as the gil-man stuck his spear inside her, we brought her back, but she was exhausted more and more as she fell multiple times.

While we finished off the last Lizards a huge sea serpent appeared spiting acid on us. I could lessen the effect a bit on Thran and myself, but it kept spitting on us and as we almost killed it another spit brought Thran and Braxx down and after a quick bite on Ragna, who was inside its fangs, also went unconscious. I nearly went down myself but was able to keep standing. Rushing towards Thran I healed him back up while my spiritual weapon smashed at the serpent nearly killing it. The yuan-ti saw that we could use some help, although i have to say we probably would have finished it in the same moment, and slew the serpent with many volleys of arrows.

Tending our wounds and searching the remains we packed up a little after, with the help of Sekrus and his yuan-ti we quickly had back to town, so Lara could rest and recover from her injuries.As I went up to my room, the others talked with Sekrus a little more and decided to fund an embassy, so visitors have place there they can stand and we can strengthen the relationships with others.