1st Day
On the first day we met near the gates of White Moon Cove and started our journey westwards until we reached the crossroads where we headed southwest towards the Spider’s Reach Outpost.
On our way we found a strange warm boulder beside the road Karn and Taka worked a bit on the boulder and we took small chunks we managed to break of with us to see if someone in White Moon Cove could tell us what material it is.
Just before we arrived at the Spider’s Reach Outpost a cultist that escaped the guards at the outpost run towards us with guards on its heel. We cought the cultist and brought him back ti the outpost where we handed him over to the guards again. Afterwards tired from a long day of travel we spend the night at the outpost.

2nd Day
After a goods night and after the guards told us where we find the cave we where suppost to investigate and arrived there shortly after with no incident on the way there.
When we enterd the first big cavern we found the ground litterd with still rotting corpses and skeletons and hand to wade through them to get further east where the tunnel opend in a bigger cavern where we found a summoning circle with a portal in the centre that oozed fleshy appendages and Karn first just poked it with a bone but the appendages quickly tried to encompass it. He than threw a whole skeleton in the circle and the flesh took the skeleton as a fundation to build a giant flesh that promtly attacked us. After we dealt with the fleshgolem we concluded that it need bone or other things to adhere to, it grows when its exposed to heat and fire and is advers to water and cold. Non of us had the means to seal htis portal or disrubed the circle so we made shure there where no stray bones or other bits near it and went on.
Taka spotted a few Ogers in the first champer and after a brief converstaion they told us they regularly look in this cavern for red robed cultist but seeing non they turned and walked away
We moved onwards and in one corridor we found 3 giant spiders we dispached easiely and after more exploring we found a cavern that was inhabited by an Ankheg. The Ankheg was a hard fight it bit Karn and draged him underground but Taka and Balthier charged after him and killed him saving Karn. In the cavern we discoverd 3 eggs we took with us and moved on.
Afterwards we found what i can only discribe as a hellhole, on the end of this hallway was a hohle with an elevator platform the hohle radiated heat and more fleshy tendence sprawled out of it. beeing Exhausted from the fight against the Ankheg we decided to not further invastigate this day. On our wasy back we found a chest filled with what we fought should be mined ore and took it with us. We returned to the Spider’s Reach Outpost and rested for the night.

3rd Day
On the morning of the 3rd day we embarked from the Spider’s Reach Outpost back to White Moon Cove with the cultist, we coaght on the first day, in tow no one in the outpost understood him so we took him with us to the guard of White Moon Cove. On our way back we found tracks to two differend Lairs but with the cultist to look out for we dont wanted to investigate them. We spotted the Boulder from the first day and decided to try our luck and break more off after an hour or so we managed to break quite big chunks ot of it. We worked it a bit more and to our surprise whe we broke it more open it turned out it was hollow and black mist stared to pour out. Karn tried to touch the mist and it meldet of his flesh of his lieft hand and arm and left only bone. We took all chunks we could carry and run for it. The rest of the road back to White Moon Cave was without Incedents. In White Moon Cove we brought the cultist to the guards and than we looked for a jewler to look at the boulder chunks and the chest of mineras from the cave. The jeweler told us to better go to a blacksmith and we took his advice and met with the blacksmith who told us the minerals from the chest was iron ore and the chunks where comprised of mithril, silver and nickel. He bought the iron ore and the boulder chunks from us for a pretty penny we split the gold and Karn suggested we go back to the cave and investigate the hellhole but i had enught for a few days wished them luck and we went our separate ways.